Kansas LB Arthur Brown has U-M Interest

East High School in Wichita, Kansas is home to one of top prospects in the nation for the 2008 class in linebacker Arthur Brown. Brown used his speed, quickness, and head-hunting mentality in being named to the All-Combine First Team at the San Antonio Army All-American combine. And, he told GBW, he has a strong interest in Michigan.

Drawing comparisons to Detroit Lions linebacker and former Florida State Seminole Ernie Sims for his speed, and NFL pro-bowler and Baltimore Raven linebacker Ray Lewis for his vicious hitting ability, Arthur Brown is an ideal fit for the middle linebacker position. At 6-3, 225 pounds and clocking in at 4.47 seconds, Brown described his game to GoBlueWolverine this way: "I think my strengths are my quickness and speed. I also have a mental edge that I cannot be stopped and I will not be stopped. I'm very physical and strong as well."

Brown was named by Scout.com are one of the early Top 5 junior prospects in the country (click for: Top Rising Sr. is ...?)

Brown didn't really grow up watching college football, although he always had an interest in playing football. Brown instead would watch certain star NFL players for qualities that he liked and could use. "I don't really have one particular player that I try to base my game off of; I just play my own style. I do like how [NFL pro-bowler and Indianapolis Colt defensive end] Dwight Freeny plays with his intensity, speed off the edge and explosiveness on the snap. I like Ray Lewis as well. I really have a safety's mentality in that I want to play fast and come up and really hit."

Although Brown has many areas that he can call his strengths, he is still not satisfied, "I feel that I can improve on everything. Even though I think my reaction time and my ability to beat blocks and shed blocks are places that I excel in, I would like to further improve on them. I really just want to work hard and try to set myself apart from all other players in the country."

Although Brown has a Michigan scholarship offer, he admits that he doesn't really know a lot about the Wolverines, but told GBW that he does want to visit Michigan. Additionally, he doesn't have a set schedule for the next few months, but he is planning on trying to visit some schools.

Brown emphasized that he is keeping all his options open, however he did say that if he was forced to choose a group of schools that, while not necessarily his leaders, stood out -- "If I had to choose it would be Oklahoma, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, and Michigan."

So what will be some of the qualities that will factor into Brown's decision? "My comfort level with the coaches and the players will be a major factor. I want to be surrounded by a lot of energy in the community. I will be looking at what players are on the roster and the players that will be signing with the school this year because to be successful you have to great players around you as well. Finally, I will be looking at the depth chart because I want to come in and make an impact my first year."

Those individuals that may be excited about seeing Arthur suit up for their school may have to wait for some time. "I feel like riding out the whole recruiting process because I want to make the best decision for me."

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