Q&A With Detroit ATH Charles Burrell

Michigan's junior day was jam-packed with a number of notable in-state prospects. One of those juniors was Detroit Southeastern QB/SS Charles Burrell. We caught up with the talented athlete last night to discuss the schools showing the most interest, his experience at the Army Junior Combine, whether he and teammate Fred Smith want to attend the same college, and much much more.

You were up at Michigan's junior day.  How did that go for you?

"Michigan’s junior day was really nice.  The people there were really nice as well. I got a chance to walk around campus and they talked to us about their academics. I had a good time.  I had a chance to talk to all of the coaches. They talked with me about how my season went. They talked to me about how much Michigan had to offer me; also I was encouraged to attend Michigan. I was given reasons why I should attend like their good academics and the fact that they were going to win a national championship.  They were pretty confident about it."

Did any of that go along with what you were looking for in a school?

"Yeah, academics are the most important part for me and I want to go to a school that wins. I also want a school that is going to push because I am no stranger to hard work."

Speaking of hard work, I understand you were doing a lot of that down in San Antonio for the Army National Junior Combine.  What did that experience do for you?

"I learned a lot from the coaches.  It was a great experience. I developed a better work ethic and I came to realize how big the competition level is everywhere. Some of those guys were just as good and some were better.  That really pushed me to come home and work very hard so that I can get better."

Give me your height, weight and forty time as well as other sports you are involved with?

"I am 6’2 205 and run a 4.5 forty.  Right now I am running track. The events that I run are the 200 and 400 and both relays."

Who are the schools that are showing interest in you right now?

"Well my top schools are Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, UCLA and Minnesota."

Do you have any offers at this time?

"Right now I have a Michigan State offer they offered me last week."

What is position is Michigan recruiting you for?

"They are recruiting me as an athlete."

Does it matter to you what position you play in college?

"I play quarterback and strong safety in high school, but it doesn’t matter where I play in college.  I just want to be able to get on the field."

You have a teammate that is also being heavily recruited in Fred Smith.  Have the two of you talked about going to the same college?

"That is my go to guy on the field right there!  Yes we have talked about attending the same college.  It comes up when we are talking."

Will you be attending in camps or combines this summer and where?

"Yes I intend to go to some.  My coaches are setting those up for me right now. The only thing as of right now is that I will be attending is the Nike combine in Chicago. I will know about more of them later."

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