2008 Intro: Detroit DB Troy Tidwell

Detroit Southwestern DB Troy Tidwell had a memorable time at Michigan's junior day last weekend and will be one of the athletes the Wolverines keep a close watch on in the coming months. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the confident youngster to discuss his impressions after the visit, the importance of academics, his goals for the summer and much much more.

You had a chance to attend Michigan’s junior day.  What was that like for you?

"Man, it was real nice. It was more than I had imagined it would be. That is a real big jump from high school to college and I really enjoyed myself there. I had a chance to see the weight room and that was very impressive.  That place is big!  I went down to the football stadium -- I could really picture myself playing there.  Michigan seems to really want to get the best out of their players.  They have a real good work ethic.  If you don’t want to work hard then you should not go to Michigan. I enjoyed the academic center and that is real important to me.  It was real nice in there and the people were nice as well. The one thing I liked the most was it was a place you could go and relate to the people that were there regardless whether they were an athlete or not.  I really liked that a lot."

Did you get a chance to talk to any coaches?

"I had a chance to speak with Coach Campbell and Coach English. They were hoping that I made it in to junior day. They had heard that I did very well down at the combine in San Antonio and that they would be looking at me and also my film."

 What type of school are you looking for?

"The type of school I would like to attend would be a school that will play you because you deserve it, not because you have a big name. I believe the best players should play no matter who they are. I would like a school that has academics first and football second, and Michigan is a place that seems to understand that.  That is the impression I got from them. They understand how to get you to the next level, might it be the pros or a good job.  Everyone can’t make it and play pro football so academics should be important and Michigan makes sure you are sound academically and are ready to take that next step in the real world or the NFL."

What style of defense do you like?

"One on One press coverage.  That separates the men from the boys.  Besides, zone is way too easy."

You strike me as quite the leader.  What does that word mean to you?

"Well, it means not being afraid to take on responsibility… not being afraid to take the blame for a loss… putting yourself out and believing that you can get the job done.  That is what I believe it is and that is what I believe that I am…a leader."

You had a chance to attend the Army junior combine what were your impressions of it?

"Well I got the chance to see some players that are good and some big name guys you hear about all the time. I just thought the experience was good. While I was down there I was hanging with a couple of guys from Detroit Southeastern. We talked about how we need to do our best because it was make or break time down there with all the guys trying to get into college.  I was really surprised to see all of the scouts that were down there. We had a good time joking about how we are going to play against each other next year in the P.S.L (Detroit Public School League)."

What will your goals be this summer?

"I would like to get bigger and faster. I need to work on my cover skills a little more, specifically sticking with my assignments and try not to be all over the field. I would like to attend Michigan’s summer camp and I am supposed to go to the combine in Ohio that is coming up next month."

Do you have any offers at this time?

"No I don’t but I have made a few unofficial visits to Toledo and Indiana. I went to the Michigan/Indiana game when I was out in Indiana."

Do you have a timeframe for when you would like to make a decision?

"It will just be after I get all of my offers.  Then I will sit down with my family and talk about it."

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