Inside The Locker Room: (Post MSU)

After the MSU game, GoBlueWolverine's Andre Barthwell sat down with Jevohn Shepherd, Deshawn Sims, Brent Petway, and Jerret Smith to discuss the significance of the victory, the growth in their games, the upcoming match-up with Ohio State Buckeyes, and much much more.

Jevohn Shepherd

On defending Drew Neitzel: "Anything to help the team. I mean he is quick so I wanted to use my strength and my Athleticism to help me with him."

On what the MSU victory means: "We have not focused on the outside things that have been going on, but obviously it was a big when for us tonight. On the inside we need to keep improving.  We have one more game on Saturday and we are not looking ahead to anything else."

On Amaker's confidence in his defense: "I know that needs to be my focus. He is a defensive coach and coming to this program, (defense) should be your focus first and foremost. That is our identity, again we are not focused on what people are saying on the outside once you are inside this locker room we need to know who we are."

DeShawn Sims

On what Amaker had to say to him during the game: The first time I got in I was playing passive and Coach kind of jumped on me and he need let me know what he needed out of me. I told him when I got back in to the game I was going to give him my hardest and best effort out on the floor. So what I did was give him my best effort for the time I was in there and I just tried to be a positive influence on the team.

On if he is starting to feel like his old self again: "Yes, definitely I am.  No one ever put any locks on me… not the coaches or anyone I put that on myself. I am coming into my own.  Before you know it I will be back to my style of play fully."

Brent Petway

On how physical the MSU game was: "(It was about) not allowing them to be more physical than we were.  When you play like that, the referees are going to let some things go.  They got after us (in East Lansing) and we did not respond then like we did during this game. They like to play that way. We knew coming off of that first game, we were not going to let them do that in our house and we were able to respond to that."

On Jerret's long lob pass:" It was crazy! I didn't even see him throw it.  I turned around and I was outrunning everybody. I didn't see the ball because so many people were in front of me. Then I thought he didn't even see me.  Then I turned again and the ball was in the air.  I said, 'hey I better go get this.' I was able to jump up and get it.  I looked back at him and told him it was a great pass.  We work on that in pick up games. He will throw it from wherever he is and he will see me out in front. When we play to together a lot, there are some things that you might be able to do that other people might not be able to."

On the keys to the OhioState game: "They have a great inside guy in Greg Oden.  They space it out when he gets it, he will kick it out, and they will shoot the three.  We need to try and limit his touches, limit his points, and then guard the three point line."

Jerret Smith

On his performance the last four games: "The game just demands so much out of you and obviously.  You just can't continue to make the same mistakes because then you are not growing as a player or an individual.  That is how you have to look at life.  If you keep making the same mistakes, you will not progress as a player. You have to try and work hard at it everyday.  There is not a day that you can take off.  Just learn from your mistakes.  That is something the game demands of you."

On his relationship with Coach Amaker:  "I have been with him for two years and I learn more and more about coach everyday. I am learning about him and he is learning about me.  I am learning that our games are alike.  We respect each other. He has so much under his belt that all I can do is listen.  I can't deny anything because he knows more than me.  It is a blessing to be able to play for him. I just have to continue to work hard and continue to get better so that my level of play can go up another notch."

On being more vocal during the game: "As a point guard you have to be a leader, just like a quarterback in football.  If he does not have snap count, you can't run a play. So the point guard has to call the play.  If I don't call the play, the other four guys don't know what to do.  I have to be a leader out there for the other guys and run the team."


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