Wilson Racking Up the Offers

When we last caught up with McKees Rock, PA RB/LB Christian Wilson, the two-way athlete was putting his talents on display at the Army Junior Combine in San Antonio. With only a couple scholarships at that time, he was hoping that number would grow in the subsequent weeks. It did that, and then some. Michigan is among those that jumped into the fray, and the talented youngster plans to visit.

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"Right now I have around 33 offers," Wilson said.  "(Michigan) offered me a while ago.  I called Coach Loeffler and then he had me talk to Coach Carr, and he offered me.  I just have to go up to the school to get it.  This weekend I'm going to Tennessee, next weekend I'm not going anywhere, and then the week after that I'm trying to go to Michigan.  (Spring) practice starts and he wants me to come up and see how they use their H-Backs.  I'm excited to go because I heard it's ridiculous up there."

The schools interested in Wilson have been evenly split when it comes to what position they are recruiting him for.  Even though the Wolverines have discussed the idea of him lining up in the backfield, he isn't sure that that's where he'd end up if he decided to don the Maize & Blue.

"Coach Loeffler is the quarterbacks' coach, so of course he wants me on the offensive side," said Wilson.  "But I know they're running low on linebackers on the defensive side.  I haven't really thought about which one I want to play honestly.  I like hitting and I like scoring, so it's basically wherever I can play and help a team.  If they need linebackers, that's where I'll go.  If they need running backs I'll go there.  Whatever the team needs."

Wilson hopes to assess the needs of a number of those teams, (in addition to determining whether they meet his), when he hits the road for numerous unofficial visits in the coming months.  With offers from schools like Florida, Ohio State, Auburn, Clemson and Virginia Tech, it might seem difficult to take trips to all of those places.  Fortunately for Wilson, he'll be able to take advantage of the travel schedule his other sport provides.

"I play AAU basketball and we travel basically to every single state," Wilson explained.  "I'm trying to go see every campus and every coaching staff so I can compare them.  I also want to compare the education that I'd get at each of them.  I've probably been to about 15 or 16 already.  Virginia was real nice.  Maryland was talking about how they were adding (facilities).  Michigan State is going to add another two million dollar building.  We were going to go to Michigan the day after Michigan State, but we found out that we were going to have school in Pittsburgh.  We thought it would be cancelled for a snow day, but they actually made it a day so we had to go back.   Michigan is putting crazy millions into an addition to add about 10,000 more fans and a larger weight room."

"I'm thinking maybe narrowing things down during my AAU season," he continued.  "I don't know if I want to commit before my football season or after."

When Wilson does settle in on a school, it will have a few very distinct qualities.

"I want to go where there are a lot of fans," he said.  "When I walk out on the field and see all of those people screaming and yelling, it makes me want to play even more.  I want a big campus with a lot of students because I like being around people.  Then they have to have what I want to (major in).  Right now it's physical therapy.  That might change later, but right now that's what I'm real strong on."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Wilson in the coming months..

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