It's hard to catch up with a guy entering and winning almost every event in a major Houston track meet. But GoBlueWolverine got to chat with Houston Cy-Fair's Sam McGuffie, and his father and younger brother, on and off as the morning turned to afternoon, and then to evening, in the all-day event. Here are words and photos (incl. a shot of McGuffie and Darryl Stonum together) -- with film to come.

What to say about Sam McGuffie! Maybe the only word is WOW! In our first article on the Alief Relays (click HERE) we covered his events -- easily winning the 110m hurdles (14.3 despite stumbling on one hurdle), the long jump (23-3) and the high jump (6-4), and also participating in Cy-Fair's 4X100 and 4X200 relays.

McGuffie soars over the bar set at 6-feet-4.

But the questions college football fans have had about McGuffie pertain to his size and strength ... is he just a skinny track guy who plays high school football and gets by on his speed and leaping ability?

So - first off - Sam is no longer a skinny track guy playing football -- he looks like a football player running track. His dad swears he measured 5-11.5 in stocking feet at a Junior Day recently -- but let's just say he's pushing 5-11. And he is a broad-shouldered, muscular 190 pounds, with legs like tree trunks. His younger brother told us he lives in the weight room. Sam told us, "People were saying I was only 170 pounds, I was too little, just a track guy, all that kind of stuff, so I went to work in the weight room." Sam's brother added, "Sam has spent all his spare time in the last year working out -- he's become a fanatic about it."

And in case one wonders whether his added bulk will affect his agility or speed (4.3 sec. 40, 3.7 sec. shuttle times at combines in the Houston area over the past year) -- the answer is - "No!" He still soars and flies - but with the power of a rocket launch.

Is McGuffie a skinny trackster? No -- he's a BEAST. At 5-11, 190 he is the size of Mike Hart right now, with a little more height. He is so buff that his muscles actually make him look a little shorter than he really is.

McGuffie blasting into his long jump.

So, what about his recruiting, and, more importantly, Michigan's chances at him. A lot of what we chatted about during the day has to be kept off the record -- the chats weren't "interviews." But a number of things can be said.

For one thing -- his recruitment is getting broader, not narrower as school after school offers him. His dad told us there are 17 offers now, and that, "Schools that haven't ever written or contacted him before are now sending him written offers. It's crazy!"

Mr. McGuffie told us he grew up in Mt. Clemons, Michigan, and went to Lapeer West High School (Jake Long's alma mater, Mr. McGuffie reminded us). The military took him to Texas, and he never left. But his family is still in the Thumb area, and Sam's first cousin signed a LOI to Central Michigan for next fall.

Mr. McGuffie told us, "We'll take a drive up to Michigan this summer, and Sam will take in Michigan. We'll go to Notre Dame and Ohio State as well."

Sam's dad, by the way, is not the 6-5, 270 pound behemoth that was mentioned elsewhere -- he is 6-4, probably 240 or so, and told us, "I was a 180 pound track guy in high school."

And regarding Sam's little brother. The 9th grader plays quarterback, is taller than Sam already, pushing 6-1, and is a friendly, glib Michigan fan.

So, what is important to McGuffie regarding the college he picks? Maybe the biggest factor -- PT. Sam told us, "I don't want to go to a school that makes the younger guy wait his turn behind someone just because the other guy is older. I'm going to go in with the attitude that I'm going to outwork everyone, that's what I've always done. So I want to go to a college that will give a freshman a shot if he deserves it, who will play the best player -- not play a guy just because he is the older guy."

The McGuffie pre-high jump focus.

McGuffie also says recruiting is already getting crazy, with,"Schools making all kinds of promises" (not implying illegal inducements, but things like promising a starting spot, etc. ... and LOTS of contact from other schools).

Mr. McGuffie told us that weather is a question mark for Sam as far as going to school in the north - "He's just lived down here all his life and doesn't know what winter is like."

Sam and Daryl Stonum met for the first time on this day, and the two exchanged phone numbers and talked about maybe going to see Florida at the same time in the summer (McGuffie and J.B. Shugarts are already talking about this plan as well).

McGuffie and Stonum

Bottom Line at this point in time: Sam made it clear to us that, "As long as Michigan keeps recruiting me, they will be 'right there" ... meaning up in his top group.

In GBW's opinion, Michigan has to hang in there with McGuffie in the late winter and spring, when perhaps, in U-M's case, following the NCAA contact rules puts U-M at a disadvantage to some other schools ... plus there is an inherent temporary advantage in the winter and spring for closer-to-home schools, schools close enough to travel to for junior days, spring practices, etc., especially for kids participating in spring sports who have to stay close to home until school is out because of it.

But -- believe this -- Michigan will get its shot at impressing McGuffie, of saying the things to him that he wants to hear (U-M fan's are highly aware of Mike Hart's PT as a freshman for example, etc.) ... of that we are certain. Mainly this summer.

Schools in it for McGuffie at this point, based on what Sam has told us, include Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas Tech and Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Ohio State. He and Texas are still in contact as well.

Remember, McGuffie and Stonum (as well as Klein Texas OL J.B. Shugarts) all would like to make their decisions if possible before their senior seasons start -- this in and of itself will make for an interesting summer!


By the way, for the record: Michigan has offered one running back at this point, on March 5, 2007 - honest. A Mr. Sam McGuffie.


(Film on McGuffie, and more on Darryl Stonum, to come.

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