Top Pa. TE Got U-M Signing Day Offer

If the name "Wedderburn" rings a recruiting-bell for you, it means you've been a recruiting fan for quite a while now. Floyd Wedderburn was a top Philly OL prospect back a decade-plus ago, ultimately picking PSU over Michigan. After a stint in the NFL, Floyd is out of football now. But another Wedderburn is coming up -- and once again U-M is near the top for him.

Mark Wedderburn is a 6-5, 235 pound tight end from Cardinal O-Hara High School in Springfield, in Eastern Pennsylvania. Cardinal O-Hara only went 3-8 in 2006, but that hasn't stopped the fast (4.6 40) Wedderburn from attracting offers from about ten major programs. GoBlueWolverine called him to find out if Michigan was in-fact one of them. We placed a message at the Wedderburn, and Mark called us back.

Has Michigan offered you a scholarship?

"Yes, they did. One of their coaches,Coach Szabo, called my high school coach ... I called and spoke to him about a week ago too. Anyway Coach Szabo gave my coach his cell number and I called him, and he said he wanted me to call Coach Carr on Signing Day ..."

"So I called Coach Carr and he offered me. He did it in a real good way ... it was real professional ... it was impressive."

Who else has offered you?

"Illinois, Pitt., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, Temple ... and a couple others ." (Note: Rutgers, Boston College)

Do you play just tight end, or defensive end as well?

"My junior season I played strictly on offense, at tight end, and a little wide receiver. Next year I'm going to play defensive end and outside linebacker as well."

Do you have a top five or a top list of schools?

"I don't have a top five really ... but Michigan is in there, they'll be in it."

Where have you been this winter, and what are your plans for the spring, as far as visits?

"I went to Rutgers this past weekend, and I'm planning to a lot more visits."

"I'm going to Michigan for a spring practice later this month ... on the 24th."

What is your timetable?

"I would say I'm trying to get it over early ... so I'm going to keep my eyes open."

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