Dulles Star To Follow Woolfolk/Herron to U-M?

In the 2007 recruiting class, Michigan successfully invaded Texas to nab Troy Woolfolk and Brandon Herron from Sugar Land Dulles in the southwest Houston suburbs. For the '08 class, there is another Dulles star on the horizon, a Top 10 Texas junior -- wide receiver Darryl Stonum. Will he follow his teammates North to Ann Arbor?

Darryl Stonum. Another Dulles gentleman, classy, very friendly. Where Brandon Herron is the 'serious leader' of the bunch, Stonum is the guy who keeps it light and keeps everyone's spirits up. He's a permanent-smile-type of guy.

Darryl Stonum

Stonum is 6-2+, and just around 190 pounds ... he has a big frame but hasn't filled out yet. But the top ten Texas junior will be a BIG wideout in college, Arrington-size at least, with broader shoulders and a little more speed. Will he develop into a Braylon or Terrell type of wideout in college? Those are too-big expectations to hang on any high schooler, but he is that type of high school athlete.

Track-wise, Stonum does it all on natural ability. At the Alief Relays he arrived mid-day, coming from taking the SAT's in the morning. He ran the 200m and in the 4X200 relay. In the 200 he easily qualified for the finals, then finished 3rd in the finals in a closely-bunched race, with a time of 22.06 seconds. As a sprinter he is not the well-schooled product that Troy Woolfolk is (nor is Sam McGuffie for that matter ... Troy having the advantage of a track-star father in Butch Woolfolk). But Darryl is BIG and FAST.

Dulles finished 2nd in the 4X200 and they were upset about it (actually, Troy Woolfolk and 100m state champ Brandon Meyers from Aldine Eisenhower reprised their 100m final in the race with both running anchor for their teams ... in this race Eisenhower went into the final leg with a sizable lead ... Woolfolk gained on Meyers in the anchor leg but couldn't catch him ... so a lot of the 'heat' on the part of the Dulles team in losing this event was a spillover from the 100m finals where Meyes taunted Woolfolk and was disqualified for it).

Okay, as far as Stonum's recruiting process goes.

There was a lot of good natured teasing of Darryl by Woolfolk and Brandon Herron when GBW spoke to all three, that Darryl would be coming to Michigan as well. Darrell just had his big friendly smile on through it all, not denying it.

But when we were speaking with Darrell and Sam McGuffie together, Stonum told McGuffie that he is down to: "Michigan and Florida, Michigan and Florida" and that he will go to each place in the summer, then decide.

McGuffie and Stonum

A very important factor to Stonum, one he stressed over and over: "I do not want to redshirt."

Sam asked Stonum if he wanted to go to Florida for their Friday Night Lights Camp in the summer, and they exchanged phone numbers -- that's when McGuffie and J.B. Shugarts tentatively plan to visit the Gators.

Stonum told GBW, "I want to make my decision before my senior season starts."

The three Dulles guys -- Woolfolk, Herron and Stonum -- are very tight, and it wouldn't be surprising if all wore the Maize and Blue together. It's not a done deal for Stonum, we don't want to give that impression ... but U-M has a great shot here.

The Dulles men: Stonum, Herron and Woolfolk

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