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Where will the new Michigan Wolverine recruits fit into the overall team-scheme of the 2007 Michigan football season? Also what about next year's 2008 Michigan recruits as well? How is the Wolverine football team lining up for the future? Here are the Quarterbacks for Michigan in 2007, plus a 2008 recruiting class first sneak peek.

2007 Quarter Backs Roster, Outlook and 2008 Recruiting:

7 Chad Henne, Senior, 2004 recruiting class.

Ryan Mallett Freshman, 2007 recruiting class.

19 Jason Forcier, Red-shirt Sophomore, 2005 recruiting class.

12 David Cone, Red-shirt Freshman, 2006 recruiting class.

Chad Henne coming into his senior year will have the ball in his hands, but who will his back-up be? Ryan Mallett graduated early, and participating in spring football may just make him the number two guy ... Coach Carr hinted at such at the Signing Day Presser. Jason Forcier has the experience with knowing the Michigan offense, if his shoulder surgery was successful (and if campus rumblings of him looking west are false). Likewise, David Cone has a year experience and teaching from Scot Loeffler (quarterbacks coach). 

2008 Quarter Backs Recruiting:

Michigan loses Chad Henne to graduation.

The big questino is whether Michigan will have two or three quarterbacks on scholarship after Henne leaves ... two is unacceptable. However, it'll quite possibly be hard to recruit a QB to follow Ryan Mallett (2007 class) into the program next year at least an "national" one. The best chance might be to get either a in-state kid or a Midwest kid that really loves the Michigan program.

2008 Quarter Backs early possibilities:

Brendon Kay (6-4, 210, 4.8) from Marine City, Mich. might be a possibility. He already has some Big Ten offers, but he made it to most if not all of U-M's home games this past fall, and to Junior Day this winter. He wants to go to med school.

Terrelle Pryor (6-6, 220, 4.4) from Jeannette, PA (Jeannette). Pryor is a good friend of Toney Clemons, but will the Top 100 junior want to follow Mallet to Michigan?

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