Brandon Herron: Ready to Make His Mark

The final "Dulles man" at the Alief (Texas) Relays last Saturday -- Michigan linebacker signee Brandon Herron. Herron wasn't participating in the meet, but was there for the whole day to support his teammates and friends. So GoBlueWolverine got to chat on and off with Brandon.

Sugar Land (Houston area) Dulles linebacker and Michigan signee Brandon Herron is a very smooth, strong, gentleman-type. A yes sir, no sir type with a kind of military-officer bearing. And yet, a teddy-bear, friendly, the type of guy who is a natural team spokesman.

Herron told us he's 6-1.5, 200 ... but he looks 6-2, and 210 -- he has broad shoulders and a big frame, and will have no trouble bulking up. "I'm just 6-1.5, 200 but I'll get bigger fast," he told GBW.

Herron and Troy Woolfolk

Brandon showed his character when he talked about getting ready to play for Michigan.

"I moved into the Dulles district six years ago ... my dad wanted to give me the opportunity to get a first-class education."

"I've been told by Michigan that I'm gonna redshirt ... but I'm the kind of guy who will work harder than you. Michigan has told me to come up on June, so I'm coming in May (Texas public school get out in May), getting a job, and going to work."

"I'm starting the Michigan workout program this week."

"I've been lifting and working out for football instead of running track so far this spring. I'll join the track team later .. I run the 200 meters."

"So I'm spending my spare time getting ready. I have a girlfriend, but I tell her I'm working on my career now."

Brandon's father is obviously important to him. "My dad tells me it's my destiny to make my mark in the world."

Looking back at his senior season a bit, he said:

"My senior year I played with a pulled hamstring from the second game on. That was disappointing for me -- I had a good season but speed is my game and I was never 100%."

"We had a lifting session the Monday after our first game. I was trying to be a leader and I overdid it and pulled my hamstring doing squats. I felt a twinge but I kept going and pulled it."

And then, looking forward to the future:

"We've got to get some Texas guys up to Michigan tp show the Midwest that Texas really has the best players."

"It's Troy (Woolfolk) and Ryan (Mallett) and I now, and we've got to get Darrell (Stonum) up there too."

Stonum, Herron and Woolfolk

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