Shugarts Gives GBW the Latest. Did U-M Drop?

GoBlueWolverine spoke Thursday evening to the father of Texas offensive tackle J.B. Shugarts. After a day of rumors, GBW got the current situation, including the overall context, for the huge Houston lineman.

We (J.B. Shugarts, Sam McGuffie and Mr. Shugarts) went to Texas A&M's Night of Champions Wednesday (which is how the Aggies open spring practice, with an in-team testing combine).

Aside from one GoBlueWolverine note, we'll just print Mr. Shugarts' words.

"J.B. and Sam had a great time at the Night of Champions. When the vertical just topped out at 38 or 39 inches, Sam kind've laughed and wanted to get down there and get it up over the 40's."

"We met with Coach Franchione for quite a while, and they showed us around to all their new facilities."

(GBW note: aaah, the Texas A&M facilities. In the past 3-4 years they have opened:
-- a fabulous new weight room, as nice as the plushesh athletic club.
-- a fabulous new football building/lockerroom as part of the stadium's South Endzone.
-- a posh booster club facility which is their entire North Endzone now, including inside seating and luxury boxes as well as a huge plush ballroom and many other facilities.

And now, Mr. Shugarts said:

"They showed us their indoor facility that they just opened. And you should see the brand new dorm they just opened, which they said J.B. would live in -- it'd be an $1800 a month luxury apartment in Houston. I asked, 'Will non-athletes live here too?' and they said yes."

"Texas A&M has always been J.B.'s favorite Texas school -- they were the first school to offer him back when he was a sophomore, and he's always had a soft spot in his heart for them."

"And Coach Franchione has been recruiting J.B. hard for a long time now."

"But, J.B. didn't make any decisions, and he won't make his college choice based on the emotion of the moment."

"The thing is, J.B. just doesn't have four schools anymore. I have not read the report that came out, that made all the other coaches text message us today -- things were probably taken out of context, or made into more than intended. We'd given out that group of four schools (Oklahoma, Ohio State, Michigan and Florida), and then almost immediately some other schools came in aggressively -- LSU, Alabama and of course Texas A&M has been in there."

"So it is not that J.B. has dropped anyone, or lowered anyone, it is that there are more than four schools again. J.B. and Sam are going to LSU together this weekend, and I'm sure they'll be wowed there too."

"And we still plan to to up to Michigan and Ohio State this summer. And we'll to go to Florida's Friday Night Lights camp."

One notable recruiting factor:

"Stoops at Oklahoma, Meyer at Florida, and Franchione are really recruiting J.B aggressively. Remember, Urban Meyer came over to see J.B. a week and a half before the National Championship game."

"So ... all these schools are in it, including Michigan. Michigan isn't out of it by any means."

"When all his visits are done this summer we'll sit down and go over everything, and he'll make his decision based on all factors."

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