2008 Intro: Lonnie Pugh

Last season, Michigan pulled in quite possibly the state's top two-sport talent in Pontiac Northern's power forward turned tight end, Martell Webb. This next season, there is another big time multi-sport star on the recruiting radar, Grosse Ile's Lonnie Pugh.

At 6’5, 230 lbs, Lonnie Pugh has been a double-double machine on the hardwood and a disruptive defensive end on the gridiron. For his junior season, Pugh finished with 59 tackles, 3 sacks and 3 fumble recoveries. He is also an offensive tackle, but is mostly being recruited as an edge guy.

”I’ve been told that I am a pretty good pass rusher.” he reported. “I am also quick on my feet.”

As far as a top four, right now Pugh names Purdue, Texas, Michigan State and Michigan. While none of those schools have offered Pugh, there is a certain hometown team leading the pack.

” Michigan State was the team I favored more and I really don’t know why,” Pugh said regarding the Spartan-Wolverine rivalry. “I have talked to both schools lately but as far as I know, I am still getting looked at by Michigan State, so you can say State is looking at me a little closer. Michigan State has been my dream school growing up.”

Of course, the Spartans also have the roundball going for them and trying to play college basketball is still something that interests the big youngster.

”Yes there are people recruiting me for basketball," he said.  "Playing two sports is a huge deal, but I am not sure at this moment if I will play both.”

Pugh does not have a camp schedule or a summer plan mapped out yet, but he does have a good idea of when he would like to make a decision by.

”The middle of my senior year so I can weigh in all of my options,” he said. “The most important options will be how well do I fit in the program. I want to be someone that they could use.”

When it comes time to make his final choice, Pugh will take a number of key factors into consideration like location and playing time.  However, there is one factor that will likely weigh heavier than all of the rest."

” (Another factor) is how well my mom likes the school,” he added.  “She will have 99.9% of the decision I believe.”

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