Clelland Ends Weekend With U-M In Top Two

Md. OL Lane Clelland drove with his family to the Midwest this past weekend -- to see Michigan, Northwestern and Notre Dame. As it turns out, he only got to two of the three campuses -- and those two schools are now his leaders.

Md. OL Lane Clelland (6-5, 265) from Owings Mills McDonogh didn't have a U-M offer going into the visit, but did have Notre Dame and Maryland offerd. That changed on Friday -- and he told GoBlueWolverine that he had a great visit.

How did your visits go this past weekend?

"They went well. I only went to Michigan and Notre Dame because I ran out of time so I didn't make it to Northwestern."

Lane had told GBW briefly on Saturday that he got offered by the Wolverines:

"I went in and talked to Coach Carr in his office, and he offered me a Michigan scholarship."

Did you get to see a Michigan practice?

"No I ended up going to Michigan on Friday instead of Saturday."

Note: he went to Notre Dame on Saturday.

How did your Michigan visit go?

"It went really well. I got to talk to all the coaches and get to see how the program works. I met a lot of the players even though I didn't really get a chance to talk to them very much. The tour of the campus was amazing."

How do Michigan and Notre Dame compare?

"They were both really unbelievable. Both amazing coaches, campuses and the players all seemed cool."

Did you dislike anything about your Michigan visit?

"No, it was all unbelievable."

Are you planning on attending any camps this summer?

"I'm not sure if it is going to work out because I have a baseball tournament this summer."

What are your top schools?

"In no particular order Michigan and Notre Dame are my top two, and then Maryland and Dartmouth. I'm really close with the Dartmouth coach as well so it will be nice to get up there this summer too."

What does your timetable look like?

"Well I still need to see a few other schools like Maryland before I can really sit down and figure out which one I like best."

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