Trevor Robinson Visits U-M, Narrows it Down

Neb. Offensive lineman Trevor Robinson (6-5, 290) from Elkhorn was one of the top 4-5 offensive linemen at January's Army Combine. He visited Michgian as well as Notre Dame this past weekend -- and has things down to three schools.

Neb. OL Trevor Robinson (6-5, 290) from Elkhorn was arguably the most agile of the top half-dozen offensive linemen at January's Army Junior Combine. Robinson visited Michigan and Notre Dame this past weekend, and GoBlueWolverine spoke with him about things on Sunday night.

How was your Michigan visit this past weekend?

"It was really good."

What did you like about the visit?

"I really liked the campus and that atmosphere of the school in general."

Did you get to go to a Michigan practice?

"Yeah I was there Saturday so I got to seem the team scrimage. It was really intense."

Did you get a chance to talk to the coaches?

"I talked to Coach Carr for bit, and to Coach Moeller (U-M O-line coach). I really liked Coach Moeller."

What players did you get to talk to?

"I talked to Adam Kraus and Jake Long the most (note: neither participated in the scrimmage so had free time). I got a chance to talk to Chad Henne a little bit but I mostly met and talked to the other offensive lineman."

How did your visit to Notre Dame compare to Michigan?

"I liked both campuses a lot but for different reasons. The schools are really night and day with how different they are."

What did you do at Notre Dame?

"I got to see a practice as well but they weren't in pads so I didn't get to see as much as I did at Michigan. And then I just talked to the coaches and players for a little bit."

Are you going to any camps this summer?

"I'm not sure yet. I might go to Nebraska's camp just because its only about 45 minutes away from where I live. If I hvae committed by the summer then I might go to that school's camp but I'm really not sure yet."

What are your top schools?

"In no particular order, Nebraska, Notre Dame, and Michigan. I'm pretty sure that its going to come down to those three schools, but I am also looking into Iowa and Kansas."

Are you taking any more visits before you decide?

"I'm going to Nebraska next weekend to watch a spring practice there, but after that I doubt it. Like I said I'm 99% sure that it's going to come down to Nebraska, Michigan and Notre Dame."

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