Deboskie Wide Open

When Hamilton High (Chandler, AZ) RB Covaughn Deboskie got word of his Michigan offer earlier this week, he immediately moved them right into the thick of consideration. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented back to find out just how interested he is in the Maize & Blue, the most important factors in his decision, his decision timeframe, and more.

Chandler (AZ) RB Covaughn Deboskie has been one of the better kept secrets on the national recruiting scene for much of the recruiting season, but things are changing very rapidly.  After registering 150 carries for 1304 yards and 22 touchdowns en route to leading Hamilton high to a 13-1 record and Division 5A State title last season, a number of West Coast programs got the message about his impressive talent.  Now schools in other regions are taking note.  The University of Michigan recently proved it was one of them.

"I was talking to Coach English and then he put Coach Jackson on the phone," Deboskie recalled.  "They said they would really love to have me.  I didn't get to talk to them long because they put Coach Carr on the phone.  He said he wanted to offer me because I'm an impact player and that they need that implemented in their offensive scheme."

The 5-11, 187-pounder was initially surprised by the Wolverines firm show of interest.  He didn't anticipate getting any attention from the storied Midwest power. 

"They just recently started coming after me hard," Deboskie said of Michigan. "I guess they just got my film.  The running backs coach, Coach Jackson said he saw about three clips of it and he told Coach English to turn it off because that's all he needed to see."

Though Deboskie has only been chatting with Michigan, and specifically English, for a very short time, he is very impressed with both the coach and the program.

"Coach English is really cool to talk to and he knows what he is talking about," said Deboskie.  "I tried to pin him down with some hard questions and he was able to answer them real quick.  He knows his program.  He knows exactly how to answer my questions, and that's what I'm looking for.  Most people just try to sell you on, 'come to this program, we need you, we need you.'  I'm looking for more than that."

"I'm already real familiar with Michigan," he continued.  "I watched them a lot because my best friend used to go to St. Mary's high school in Michigan.  He talks about Michigan all of the time because he is from Detroit.  He would always talk about how that was a big program to go to even before Michigan started talking to me."

One of the factors that will definitely be used against the Maize & Blue by the competition is the weather in the Great Lake State.  For Deboskie, though, that factor won't carry much weight.

"I heard that it doesn't really start sowing until December anyway," he said.  "It doesn't really matter.  I'd just bring some gloves for my hands.  That's all I'd be worried about… my hands getting cold."

Despite the excitement that surrounds his Michigan offer, Deboskie made it very clear that no team has established itself as a frontrunner.  With additional offers from Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA, Stanford, Illinois, Oregon State, and Navy…and interest from many more, he is determined to keep an open mind and explore his options.

"Every team that has shown interest in me or offered me has an equal chance," said Deboskie.  "Michigan is a huge offer.  That's really huge, but they all have an equal chance.  My favorite team is Texas, but that doesn't mean I'm going to play for them.  They are stacked at runningback.  That's why I am doing my research.  I want to make sure everything is right.  There are a couple of things I'll really be looking for.  I want to go for the education.  I want to major in business and minor in law.  I know Michigan has a great business program, but so do some other schools.  I also want to play early and get exposure.  Whichever one I see is going to fit those things the best is the one I'm going to choose."

At this point Deboskie is in no hurry to end his recruiting process.  As a matter of fact, he may just extend his initial timetable for making his choice.

"I was thinking I was going to commit by about midseason, but I honestly don't know now," he said.  "I'm thinking about taking all my trips.  I want to take a trip to Michigan and to some other schools because I really really want to learn about the program that I'm eventually going to go into.  Right now there are really no favorites."

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