John Beilein Presser Transcript

The University of Michigan introduced its new basketball coach today… former West Virginia headman John Beilein. The newest Michigan man discussed his offense, recruiting the state of Michigan, his role in fundraising and much much more. Full transcript included.

Beilein’s Contract details:

Start Date:                                April 4, 2007
Contact term:                            Six years
Salary:                                      $200,000 Base
Additional Compensation:         $1,100,000 (TV, Radio, Internet, and other duties)
Bonus:                                      $25,000 NCAA Tournament (Field of 64)
                                                $50,000 NCAA Tournament (Sweet 16)
                                                $100,000 NCAA Tournament (Final Four)
                                                $150,000 NCAA Tournament (National Championship)
                                                Not cumulative bonuses

On his offense:

“It’s not a Princeton offense.  It’s different.  It may look the same, but it’s not the same.  We value the ball a great deal.  We’re usually one of the top teams in the country in not turning the ball over, but we are usually one of the top teams in the country in number of assists.”

“….I didn’t come from a pedigree type of program where you always had the same players, so you learned to be versatile as a coach.  There are years we threw it inside and threw it inside because that was the best way to win.  There are years we did nothing but cranked threes because that was the best way to win.  I think when you come up the way I had to come up, you adapt your style to the talent and then recruit to the style you like the most.  We like a lot of versatile players that play a lot of positions and we like to have great kids that never quit.  They just play.”

On the type of player he recruits

“I value players that want to work hard and love their teammates…that want a family situation...that are unselfish players that want to play together.  The other thing I value is having a team that fits in with the student body.  I never wanted my team to be on an island or is very different from the typical student that comes to the University of Michigan.  We used to say we want to see the students come and see their friends play not come and see the team play.”

On the importance of recruiting the state of Michigan:

“It’s going to be huge.  I’ll reach out within this state to all of the high school coaches.  Obviously there are so many of them that it’s hard for me to personally meet (them all), but between coaching clinics and my camps….just telling them to come to practices, we’re here.  If there’s a coach’s association meeting… you’ll find that I’m very hands on with coaches.  I pride myself on being very approachable.  I want kids to grow up here in the state of Michigan dreaming of wearing the Maize & Blue.  I know we have some other great universities in the state, and Michigan State has certainly been terrific, but we’ll be recruiting Michigan very very hard as long as I’m the basketball coach.”

On if he has any ties to the DetroitPublic School League:

“I recruited there before when I was at Canisius.  Not lately…but I’ve never had any ties in Michigan.  The footprint of our recruiting is certainly going to be in this area, but it’s a national university as well.  You make ties by going in and meeting people.  If I don’t have a tie there already, hopefully we have a reputation as a coaching staff that knows what they’re doing with basketball, knows how to recruit and does it in an honorable way.”

On facilities:

“…I believe an awful lot in Bill Martin.  He will help us do what we have to do.  But I like what I’ve seen so far, without question.  We’ve been playing late in March…even at Richmond and Canisius… with an awful lot of teams where I don’t think facilities have been good.  There are probably better facilities at other places as well, but what I see I like an awful lot.”

On if there was any guarantee of a practice facility:

“I don’t think we had any timetable.  (Bill Martin” is open to all options.  That’s terrific for me hear.  That’s all I can ask.  Give us a chance to compete with our competitors in recruiting young men and in practicing and developing our players. “

On the suggestion that he is a great tactician, but is a questionable recruiter:

“I don’t know… we’ve averaged 25 wins the last three years.  I’m anxious as heck to be in a situation like the University of Michigan, just like I was in West Virginia...where you can recruit great players.  An awful lot of teams have been watching us play at the end of the year the last few years.”

“…This is a hotbed for recruiting and I don’t expect recruiting to be one problem one bit for one second.”

On his conversations with recruits:

“I’ll just tell you that they were great conversations.  That’s all I can say.  They were wonderful conversations. I talked to Manny’s mother last night.  They have ten children and I am one of nine.  Manny,… he’s almost at the bottom so we have a lot in common.  We better eat fast at that table or we’re not going to get anymore (laughter).  We had a great conversation.  I also talked with Kelvin (Grady’s) father, and we had a great conversation.  I expect to talk to Alex (Legion) this afternoon.  Everything was positive… with every one of these players and with the three signed recruits.  I plan to go and meet everyone.  The contact period started again yesterday, so if I don’t see them here I will go and see them…I don’t know when I’m going back to West Virginia…but I hope to see them before then.”

On how his buyout was settled:

“The University of Michigan really has nothing to do with my buyout.  That’s something that my attorney is taking care of and we’re working that out at the other end.  For the University of Michigan that was never an issue.”

On today’s workout with the players:

“We’re not going to be talking about any system today.  We’re going to be shooting, running, and doing ball-handling drills.  I cannot work with them after their last day of classes.  I only have four hours total with these guys because the semester ends so early here.  So we’re basically going to start working with them on drills and things like that that I’ll want them to do over the summer.  I pride myself on…and you guys should know this right now… having self-motivated teams where coaches give them a plan and give them goals, and they have to achieve those goals.”

“….If they don’t achieve their goals then they get to know the track very well.  We want self-starters and we’re going to help them start.”

On his staff:

“I’m still looking at all of the options.  I came up here to look over the situation and meet the young men.  My staff is still on the payroll at West Virginia and they are hanging tight until I decide what the needs are here from the standpoint of a teacher, recruiting, director o basketball…all of those different things.  I know that I’ve already met the equipment manager, the strength coach, the athletic trainer and I’m very impressed with that part of the staff thus far.”

On his role in raising money for a practice facility:

“That’s part of my job description.  I could go on forever.   I’ve seen this as always not just being about what out of bounds play your going to run.”


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