McCormick Weighs in on Beilein

Former Michigan basketball player and ESPN analysit Tim McCormick recently sat down to talk about the new Michigan basketball coach, John Beilein. Among other things, McCormick weighs in on Beilein's offense and his ability to recruit the state of Michigan. Read on to find out what McCormick had to say to GoBlueWolverine Magazine about the future of Michigan hoops.

In the days leading up to Michigan's announcement that John Beilein would be taking over as head coach of the Michigan basketball program, concern on his offensive creativity and recruiting prowess began to rise from recruits, AAU coaches and fans alike. At his initial press conference on Wednesday, former Michigan basketball player and ESPN analyst Tim McCormick weighed in on John Beilein and set some concerns of the Michigan community at ease.

"He's innovate. He changes each year depending on his players," McCormick said on Beilein. "With the Princeton style offense, if anyone runs a back cut, everyone always says ‘Oh, it's a Princeton." It's not accurate."

Along with getting John Beilein, the Wolverines are also getting an up tempo offense not seen under former coach Tommy Amaker. While mostly known for the three-ball at West Virginia, getting the ball up court and up court quickly is a vital element to Beilein's offense. Once on the offensive, spacing, screening and cuts become of utmost importance.

"They rely on fast break basketball and really push it up hard. If it's not there, they shoot three's and spread the court," McCormick said. "It's much more of an international style of play that you saw in the Olympics. Pass, cut, good ball skills, big men need to be versatile and shoot the perimeter and post up. It's a very fresh style of basketball and I think recruits will love it."

Recruiting has been the second question mark surrounding Bill Martin's second hire as Michigan's men's basketball coach. In the days leading up to his hiring, AAU coaches around the state expressed concern on Beilein's style of play, and, as a result, rumors of decommitment began to surface. Manny Harris and Tennessee rumors began popping up on the radar, along with rumblings of Alex Legion and UConn. In his first week at Michigan, Beilein has addressed these concerns with both Harris and point guard recruit Kelvin Grady, and a meeting has been planned later this afternoon with four-star shooting guard Alex Legion.

"He's a creative coach and I think he'll recruit very well. In the Big 10 there are probably seven or eight systems that are much more restrictive than what he runs," McCormick said.

"If kids from Detroit, Saginaw and Flint don't want to come, that's fine. He's going to find players because he's going to win. If he wins, kids are going to want to gravitate towards that program. Dar Tucker is going to DePaul. He didn't choose Michigan or Michigan State. Same with Horford, Tory Jackson, Tajuan Porter, Malik Hairston and Eric Devendorf. They all went elsewhere. It wasn't Michigan or Michigan State they just wanted to leave for whatever reason. If John Beilein gets his fair share out of Detroit, Flint and Saginaw, Michigan will be just fine."

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