Q&A With Spencer Adams (Part 1)

The Wolverines aren't strangers at Butler HS (Matthews, NC), having plucked Jamar Adams from the football powerhouse four years ago. Now they're back hoping to harvest a few more players from the talent rich program. One of them is safety, Spencer Adams. He exploded onto the national scene this spring thanks to his impressive blend of great speed and physicality. Are the Wolverines on top?

Talk about how last year's Michigan camp went for you.

"The camp was good.  That was the first time I really experienced big time college coaches looking at me and going against top notch wide receivers.  It was a really good learning experience and it was a lot of fun.  I'm looking forward to going again this year."

Did you get a chance to really interact with Coach English?

"Yeah.  We talked a lot.  We ate lunch with him almost everyday.  We talked to him A LOT.  RJ (aka Robert Blanton) was doing really well at camp so he had a lot of the attention focused on us.  Coach English talked to me and we learned new coverages and things like that.  He's really cool, man.  It was really interactive.  He was hands on.  He doesn't just sit back and say, 'this is what you need to do…now go do it.'  That's how some coaches coach.  I'm not down on people that coach like that or anything, but he is more, 'this is how you need to do it,' and then he shows you. "

How did your season go last year?

"My season was pretty good.  I know that having one or two interceptions for a safety is kind of low, but I made up for that with my tackling ability and how I hit people.  I go hard every play, so I feel like my season went pretty good.  I had over 105 tackles, and being the only DB to get a sack was pretty cool.  I feel like a couple of things I need to work on are my balll skills and my footwork.  But when it comes to having someone break through on the other side of the field, I already know they are probably not going to score because I'm probably the fastest person on the field.  I don’t really have to worry about that." 

When Michigan offered you, did it come as a surprise?

"Oh man!  It came as a big surprise.  I had gotten scholarships…I don't want to say from lower D1 schools…but I hadn't really gotten them from national championship contenders.  I had gotten scholarships from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Marshall.  When (Michigan) offered me, I was really excited. After that, bigger schools like Clemson, Georgia, and Florida State started looking at me." 

"I think that once you get one offer, that makes schools start looking at you…and then they start offering.  When South Carolina became my first offer, other schools started looking at me.  That got me more offers because they said, 'ok, South Carolina likes this kid…he must be pretty good.'  But then when Michigan offers you, that kind of puts you on another level, like, 'this kid must be REALLY good!'  You start to get looks from Florida, MiamiVirginia Tech offered me after Michigan offered, Clemson offered.  These schools are always in the range where if they don't get a conference championship or a national championship, their seasons are viewed as failures.  That's really big to me. That offer was really exciting and I was really excited about."

Are all of these schools recruiting you at safety?

"They're all pretty much looking at me for safety.  I'm kind of big to play as a corner.  You usually don't see 6-2, 185-pound corners.  Most of them want me as a strong safety.  I'm definitely a safety that can come up and play run-support, a safety that can blitz, and a safety that can go one-on-one.  I can play corner because I play it a little bit in high school.  When we go cover 4-man, it's pretty much playing corner, so I can both.  If they need me at corner I can play corner.  If they need me at safety, I'll play there.  I'm not saying I'm on a set position.  I can move around.  It doesn't make a difference to me."

Have you gotten a chance to talk with Jamar Adams very much about college or about Michigan?

"No, not really.  I talk to him when he comes down for games.  He's always on the sideline and he always gives us pointers on what we need to do.  I haven't really talked him very much.  We've talked on the field before, and after the Michigan camp he rode back with us.  We talked a little about the recruiting process and how things are done.  He told me to look at all of the schools and not to have my mind set on one school just because that was the first school that offered me. He said that you need to look around.  When you find that school that you really love…and this is something he told me and something other people like my mom and my brother have told me… they said that I'll know the school that's the perfect fit when I go it.  Michigan is up there right now for that school.  So is Clemson and North Carolina.  I just need to go to those schools, meet with the coaches, and talk to them. Then after that I'll have to make a decision, but I'm definitely."

Stay tuned for part two.

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