Witherspoon visits U-M, Names Leader

GoBlueWolverine spoke Sunday evening to New Jersey linebacker Marcus Witherspoon. Witherspoon came out of the weekend with a strong feeling as to where his heart is ... is it in Ann Arbor? Read on to find out.

New Jersey Linebacker Marcus Witherspoon (6-2, 210) from Abescon Holy Spirit received a U-M Signing Day offer and listed a very early top three of U-M, Georgia, Boston College. Now, he told GBW Sunday evening, things have honed in even more for him.

Did you get to see a Michigan practice?

"Yeah, I went Saturday."

What did you think?

"It was really good. There was a lot of enthusiasm from the team and the coaches. I got a chance to sit in on a defense meeting and a linebacker meeting. It was good to see how things worked."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches?

"Yeah, I was talking to a lot of the coaches -- mostly to Coach Szabo, Coach English and of course Coach Carr."

Did you get a chance to meet any of the players?

"Yeah I got to meet a lot of them, it was pretty cool."

What did you think about the campus?

"It was perfect! Everything is within walking distance and its just so amazing. My coach went with me and was just wowed at everything. He was so surprised by how impressed we both were with Michigan."

Does that make Michigan your leader?

"Oh yeah! Especially after this last trip it just feels so right ... it's only a matter of time before I make my decision. Coach Szabo told me to just take my time and really make sure before I announce. It just feels so right though -- like my heart is in the right place at Michigan."

What do you like most?

"I like how all the coaches are so confident in their program and what they are doing on and off the field."

Have you visited any other schools at this point?

"Boston College and Penn State."

What did you think of the other schools?

"They were all right but it really feels like my heart is at Michigan."

Are you planning on visiting any other schools?

"I want to visit Florida before I make my final decision. If I don't visit Florida this weekend on the 13th I won't get a chance until the summer. But I really think Michigan is right for me so I'm not worried about the visit changing anything."

Are you planning on going to Michigan's camp this summer?

"I'm not planning on it."

So when do you think you are going to make your final decision?

"I'm not sure ... there are tradeoffs with announcing early or waiting until the fall. I want to take my official to Michigan so I get to see a game."

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