The Gradys Discuss Commitment & Beilein

GoBlueWolverine recently chatted with 2007 PG commitment Kelvin Grady and his father Kevin Grady Sr. about John Beilein, Kelvin's decision to remain committed, and their outlook on the future.

Interview With Kelvin Grady
By Andre Barthwell

Why are you staying at Michigan?

“Well, it’s because I decided to commit to the University of Michigan and not just coach Tommy Amaker. Coach Amaker recruited me, but I still feel like I can make a difference here. Michigan needs someone to distribute, defend, and hit the open shot. I believe I can help in that area. Michigan is a great school where I can get a great education. My brother goes to Michigan and family is in East Grand Rapids… which is not too far from school. I am comfortable here as well. “

What were your first impressions of Coach Beilein?

“Well we talked on the phone. He told me how they get up and down and put points on the board and I liked hearing that. Coach Beilein sold me on the Michigan program. He came at me real honesty. He was real about the way he spoke with me. Coach said ‘I want players that want to run and work hard.’ He promised to put in work with me and the time to make me a better basketball player. He told me we will be pushing the ball and getting up and down the floor. I can’t wait to talk to him face to face. From what I have heard he is a great X‘s and O’s coach.”

Did Coach Jack coming back help at all?

“Yes it has. Coach Jackson says he is going to take care of me when I get up there and that was good to hear. With Coach Jackson coming back it made it my decision to stay that much easier.”

What do you think you will bring to the program?

“Hard work. I want to work hard and win. I am focused on getting it done for Michigan. Coach Beilein and myself are very hungry for success. I think with me Manny and Alex we can start something special right here at Michigan.”

Has there been any mention about you playing football?

“Coach has talked to Coach Carr about me playing football. I do have the option to move to football, but I am committed to basketball. I want to make a difference on the court at Crisler arena. I think Coach Beilein can make it happen in basketball. That is something that I believe he can do. I am confident in myself and my ability to help others to get better and help get this program turned around.”

Interview With Kevin Grady Sr.
By Sam Webb

What advice did you give Kelvin to help him come to his decision?

“What I teach my kids is, your word is your bond. Without a man’s word, he is nothing. He committed to Michigan basketball. I wasn’t happy with what happened to Tommy Amaker, but you have to move on. You have to go on and give this guy 100% so he has a real chance to be successful at the University of Michigan. You can’t worry about yesterday. You have to look forward and make the best of things.”

What are your impressions of Coach Beilein thus far?

“I think that this man has a passion for basketball, he has a passion to win, and he has a passion to develop players. When you put those three together, you are going to win. Those are the key ingredients to winning.”

You clearly had plenty of reservations about Coach Beilein before he was hired. How were you able to move past those… and how were you able to keep your son from being discouraged?

“None of that mattered once Coach Beilein was hired. I said before that your word in your bond. I was going to advise Kelvin to stick with Michigan regardless of who the coach was because he made a commitment to Michigan. He is committed to going to give Coach Beilein 100% because that’s what he said he was going to do.”

“When it came to keeping him from being discouraged, I just told him basketball is basketball. It’s about putting the ball in the hole, rebounding, and playing hard. At the end of the day, that is what you are going to have to do wherever you go. You don’t go somewhere else just because you have questions or you think it might be tough. You deal with it. You go and work through it. Basketball is basketball. I told him that when he hears the word “system” that means he is getting ready to be taught basketball.”

“(Coach Beilein) admitted how he had not seen Kelvin play, but that he had heard about his quickness, his ball handling ability, and his ability to score when he has to. He said Kelvin would be a good fit with his offense. He expressed how important his guards were to his offense. He talked about how he had two guards, and one had something like 150 assists, and the other one had 170. That shows me his dedication and how important a guard is… how important it is for those guys to get those kinds of assist numbers.”

When do you guys plan on going down there to meet with Coach Beilein face to face?

“We are going to go down and meet with him soon to get a chance to finish up our conversation. We were in Cancun Mexico on vacation. He even said that he would sit down and show us film of what they did at West Virginia and what he wants to do here. He said he will adapt to whatever is here.”

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