Heavy Hitters Hot on Stonum's Trail

Sugarland, Texas receiver Darryl Stonum has seen the interest from big time college programs continue to rise in recent weeks. As a result, his list of favorites has grown as well. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented wideout to discuss the schools atop his list, his visit schedule, his decision timetable, and more.

For quite some time, Fort Bend Dulles (Sugarland, TX) wideout Darryl Stonum thought he was moving closer to a decision.  Now as heavy hitters like USC and Florida State continue to jump into the fray, this blazing athlete finds himself with a lot more to think about.

"It's pretty tough now," Stonum said.  "I thought I was done.  I thought I had racked in all (the offers) I was going to get, and then they just poured in at the last minute.  Of Course Michigan is up there. Florida State… I've loved them since I was like five.  That doesn't mean that's the best situation for me.  I like the school, but that doesn't mean that's where I'm going to go. Then there's Florida, USC, and Alabama.  Those are the major ones.  I'm still considering LSU and Texas Tech a little bit.  Those are the major ones."

Now that the space atop Stonum's list has become a bit more crowded, the recruiting intensity has picked up even more.

"Coach Jackson (Michigan's running backs coach) stays on me pretty hard," said Stonum.  "I like him. Nobody, recruiting wise, is doing it harder than Michigan.  Coach Meyer (Florida), Coach Lilly (Florida State), and Coach Norton (USC)…they're pretty up there too."

Most of the programs on Stonum's list will get another chance to set themselves apart from the rest when he travels to their campuses later this summer.  At this point, however, he only has a few firm destinations in mind.

"I'll make it for sure to Michigan, Florida, Florida State, and Alabama," he said.  "I don't know about USC or anywhere else yet."

Stonum hoped to make it up to Ann Arbor for this weekend's final spring practice, and while that is still a possibility, it isn't very likely.  The Dulles track team has a big meet Friday night, leaving the talented youngster with limited travel options.  That meet will probably keep future Wolverines Troy Woolfolk and Brandon Herron from visiting as well.  Fortunately for Michigan, the trio has a backup plan.

"Troy's dad has been talking about getting a trip set up for all of us together," Stonum said.  "That way they can show me around, show me what to do…just show me the ropes up there.  He hasn't told me when we're going to do it yet though."

That unofficial visit, (along with the others), with play a vital role in Stonum's decision making process…a process that he still plans to conclude fairly early.

"I'm going to still do it before the season," Stonum said regarding when he plans to make a commitment.  "It might be right when the seasons starts.  I need to take all of the time I can before the season."

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