Michigan Offense Impresses Wilson

McKees Rock, PA RB/LB Christian Wilson was in Ann Arbor last weekend to take in the Wolverines annual spring game. While in town he gained a better appreciation for what his role on the offensive side of the ball would be. Did the visit increase Michigan's chances?

With his AAU team participating in a basketball tournament over the weekend, the prospect of Montour High RB/LB Christian Wilson making his way to Ann Arbor for Michigan's annual spring game Saturday appeared.  However, despite the inconvenience, both he and good friend Jonathan Baldwin made the trek to the Great Lake state to see the Maize & Blue in action.  For Wilson, his second visit to Michigan confirmed that the campus' proximity to home fit his criteria and also proved that he could thrive in the Wolverines offense.

"The trip was like four hours," said Wilson.  "It doesn't take that long to get to Michigan.  Sometimes it is even shorter.  Michigan is no problem distance wise.  When I got there I talked to Coach Loeffler and he was basically telling me about the offense.  He said, 'watch what we do today.'  I liked what they did.  I don't know if it was because they knew I was there, but they gave the H-back the ball a lot of times.  I think they were trying to show that, 'yeah, we do throw the ball to him a lot.' The first practice I was at, they didn't really throw it to him a lot.  It helped (Michigan's standing) a little bit because Coach Debord was calling offensive plays that got the H-back the ball."

Wilson clearly found Michigan's utilization of the H-back encouraging, but he is still unsure about whether that's the position he actually wants to play at the next level.

"I think (Michigan) is still thinking H-back, but I think linebacker is still a possibility too," said Wilson.  "I haven't decided what position I like the most yet. They're real short on H-backs and they want one real bad.  I think the only one that they're actually recruiting is me.  They're on me pretty hard."

The Wolverines are recruiting Wilson's AAU teammate Jonathan Baldwin pretty hard as well.  The two highly coveted youngsters have contemplated the possibility of playing college ball together.

"Offer wise, I have basically every offer that he has," Wilson said.  "The only offer he has that I don't is Notre Dame.  We've talked about going to the same school, but I don't know what the chances of that happening are.  I know of a few schools that he likes and I know Michigan is one of them, but I have no idea what he is going to do."

At this point, Wilson isn't sure what he is going to do either.  With his offer tally recently climbing to 40, the process of trimming things down has become all the more difficult.

"I really like a couple of schools," Wilson admitted.  "Obviously Michigan because they're good.  I like Tennessee, Ohio State, and Florida too.  There are schools that are up there, but there are also schools that I visited earlier in the year that also want me pretty bad that I've got to keep considering. "

"I think probably in May I'm going to try to get the list down to 20 if I can," Wilson continued.  "Then I'll go from 20 to 15, then to 10, and then five."

Now that AAU basketball is underway, Wilson's availability for summer visits will be impacted.  That said, he will still try to squeeze in attending a few camps, including the one at Michigan.

"If there is a school that I want to go to, then I'll try to go to the camp to be around the coaches,' he said.  "If I can make Michigan's I will, but with basketball I'm going to see if I can make it.  But I probably will."

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