McGuffie and Michigan: Have Things Changed?

There has been a lot written about Houston Cy-Fair running back Sam McGuffie in the past week or so. So GoBlueWolverine decided it was time to check back in with the guy they call "White Lightning." Sam seemed glad to be able to clear a couple things up.

GoBlueWolverine caught up with 5-11, 190 pound Houston Cy-Fair running back Sam McGuffie on Thursday night. Sam was in the library studying, but he picked up the phone for us and seemed like he was glad we called -- he wanted a chance to clear the air on a couple things.

Has USC offered you now?

"Yes, they just offered me."

How about LSU?

"No, LSU hasn't yet. But I'm glad you brought them up, LSU. I did not criticize their running backs to a reporter this week. The reporter must have misunderstood, or not heard me right. My dad showed me that interview -- I didn't say anything bad about their backs, that they were slow or anything like that."

Okay. As far as Michigan goes ... is Michigan still in it for you?

"Yes, of course. Definitely."

Do you have a top five schools now?

"No, not yet. I do have a school or two that I know will be in it (in a top five) ..."

Is Michigan one of those 'one or two' schools?

"Yes. Michigan is high up for me, very high. You know that -- I told you that before. Nothing has changed as far as Michigan goes."

Do you still have contact with Michigan?

"Yes -- I call and talk to Coach (Fred) Jackson a lot, and we text message a lot."

Are you still planning to visit Michigan this summer?

"Yes. That's still on."

Note: Sam is a humble, soft-spoken type of guy, the type who "talks softly and carries a big stick." There is no 'braggart' or 'big ego' in the young man. He is watching the recruiting world closely, but he has his head on straight and his priorities right.

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