Mallett Family Addresses Rumors

With rumors circulating and speculation forming about the future of freshman QB Ryan Mallett, GoBlueWolverine went straight to the source to find out exactly where things stand. Mallett's parents updated us on how Ryan's first semester went and what the future holds.

The talk had been spreading on blogs, radio stations, and message boards, but most Michigan fans had passed it off as typical internet fodder. However, the more it continued, the more they all began to wonder; is Ryan Mallett unhappy at Michigan and is he going to transfer? The answer to that question is definitely not if his father, Jim Mallett, has anything to say about it.

"My wife and I, we're from the old school," Mr. Mallett said. "We believe in commitment and Ryan knows that. He's definitely a Michigan man."

Mallett, who graduated early and is just finishing up his first semester at Michigan was adjusting to college life like all high school freshmen. But unlike the typical first year students, Mallett was away during what was supposed to be the final moments with his high school crew.

"Ryan was a little homesick earlier," Mr. Mallett reported, "but all kids are. I know I was and I was only an hour away from my mom and dad. I think he's adjusted now. He's been home since last week and he's been out cutting grass and earning a little spending money. He'll fly out Sunday morning to go back to Ann Arbor."

Planes are something he'll have to become accustomed to, as flying will be a big part of making sure Ryan can juggle football, college, and enjoying the same events all high school seniors do.

"On the 12th of May we'll fly him home and he'll go to prom," Mr. Mallett said. "Then he'll go back up there and then we'll fly him back down for graduation."

Another big part of getting him comfortable has been the coaches and players around him. According to Mr. Mallett, that was part of their attraction to Michigan in the first place and it certainly is showing now.

" The coaching staff is right on top of these kids for academics," he said. "We knew they could play football, but we chose Michigan for academics. Also, Ryan's got a great mentor in Chad Henne. We couldn't ask for a better young man for Ryan to learn from. They get along great. Ryan says he listens to everything Chad says because he's been here four years. Bbetween him and Coach Loeffler, Ryan's getting a double dose. Ryan says he listens to them so he can be ready whenever he has to go in there."

When Mallett entered the recent spring game, there was an eruption of applause that no other player received. That's what happens when you're as highly touted a recruit as he was and you play quarterback. With that in mind, some were speculating that Mallett may have been coming in expecting a certain kind of treatment, but his father knows that's not his son.

"He likes to have fun out there," Mr. Mallett said. "It's just like high school. He likes to get everyone involved and he's always down to business. I told him, you're a small fish in a big pond now. But everyone has been great. Jake Long, Adam Kraus... those guys have been so nice to Ryan and they've taken him under their wing and shown him what college is all about. We appreciate that from a mom and dad standpoint."

So once and for all, amidst all the rumors and watercooler talk about his son, Jim Mallett wants everyone to relax and not have to worry about where Ryan will be playing come fall.

"We're pleased with the way Ryan has handled this whole situation," he said. "There are all kinds of rumors floating around and we have no idea where that stuff started. He's ready to get to work. We had a great time at the spring game, so did he. I thought he did great considering it was his first time out there in a Michigan uniform. He's really looking forward to this next semester because the players get to move to apartments and he's going to be doing that with a couple buddies on the team. That will be good for him. He's doing great. Nobody has anything to worry about and I hope everyone can put their mind at ease now."

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