Pocic Gets a Michigan Surprise

At the Army Combine this past January, all eyes were on guys named Adams and Shugarts. But at the end of a cold, blustery testing day, the second fastest OT shuttle time was recorded by a little known (at the time) guy from Lemont Township, Illinois. That OT has 15 offers now, including from many of the powerhouse programs around the country, and his latest offer is -- Michigan.

Does Lemont Township, Illinois sound familiar? It's the school of Michigan offensive line signee Dave Molk. And this week, Molk's O-line teammate got a Michigan surprise:

Here is how Graham Pocic described it to GoBlueWolverine:

"Michigan offered me on Tuesday."

"David (Molk) and I were in our coach's office and Coach Moeller (U-M O-line coach and U-M recruiter for the state of Illinois) was talking to both of us. David had gotten his Michigan offer at the Michigan Camp last summer, and previously that's what Coach Moeller had been saying to me as well -- that they wanted me to camp at Michigan this summer before they offered me. So I just thought he'd be talking to me some more about that."

"Instead Coach Moeller turned to me and said they had re-evaluated my film, and that they had decided that I was definitely a player they really wanted at Michigan! And that he was offering me a Michigan scholarship!"

At the Army Combine you told us you were hoping to hear from Michigan. Sounds like this was something you were wanting.

"I'd been hoping for a Michigan offer, yes. So I was excited to get it."

You have something like 15 offers now -- so do you have a top 3-4-5?

"I have a top list of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, Florida State, and Penn State. They have all offered me."

What are your summer plans?

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to camp anywhere this summer (meaning, to earn offers). But I've decided I will still camp at Michigan."

"Now I have a chance to work with Coach Moeller and I'll get to see how we work as player and coach."

"I may also camp at Wisconsin, and maybe at Illinois."

Have you thought about a decision timetable?

"Well, Dave committed in August ... I'm hoping to make my decision from late June to late July, in that period."

We watched you at the Army Combine off course, and you look like a pure right tackle prospect.

"Yeah, I play right tackle for Lemont and that's what everyone is recruiting me for."

Note: at the Army Combine, Pocic measured 6-6.5 and 312.5 pounds. He ran a 5.62 sec. 40 yard dash, but he also had that great 4.94 sec. shuttle (only Matt Pachan from Fla. recorded a better shuttle among 300+ pounders, and no one else broke 5 seconds). He also recorded a very good 29 inch vertical jump. His reach and wingspan were average for the Army Combine group: 78 and 96 inches. The most interesting thing to note about Pocic's performance was that his bench press reps were only 18. This means there is a lot of upside potential for Graham, since he has a big frams with broad shoulders. He is not fat at all, just not developed yet. Graham is also a low-ego-type kid, who will, in our opinion, love Coach Moeller's firm-yet-friendly coaching style.

Might Graham Pocic be the top 'sleeper RT' prospect in the country? Heck, with U-M, Fla., FSU and PSU offers, can he be called a sleeper?

Pocic at Army Combine

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