Jordan Looking to Get Away

Chandler Arizona's Dion Jordan is one of the top athletes on the entire West coast. The 6-6, 215-pound youngster's versatility has garnered attention from colleges all over the country, including Michigan. The Wolverines recently stepped forward with an offer and Jordan indicated that the Maize & Blue has a better chance than many might think.

The word versatile is used to describe a great many prospects these days, but few fit that description better than Chandler (AZ) High’s Dion Jordan. The 6-6, 215 pound athlete spends most of his field time lining up at receiver, but he also sees his fair share of snaps at the TE and DE positions as well. His potential to be an impact player at any one of those posts opens up an array possibilities for whichever program is fortunate enough to land him. If it is up to him, though, his primary position at the college level will be the same as it is in high school.

“I prefer playing receiver… being split out,” Jordan admitted. “A few people said they compare me to a Vernon Davis or a Calvin Johnson type of receiver. But it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just trying to get on the field.”

Boise State, Utah, San Jose State, San Diego State, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington State have already extended scholarships to one of the desert’s best kept secrets. Michigan joined the party a short time ago when their West Coast representative made his way to the region he formerly called home to inform Jordan of the Wolverines’ interest.

“Coach English came up to the school about a week ago,” Jordan recalled. “He sat down and watched some game film I guess. The next day he called my coach and told him he was going to offer me. I called him and then we spoke about it and he offered me as an athlete. It was kind of a surprise. I had been receiving mail from them and everything, but the scholarship was a surprise.”

Jordan recently informed of a newly determined top list, consisting of Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Michigan and Boise State. With five of the six favorites residing in the Pacific region, it would appear that the Wolverines might be at somewhat of a disadvantage. Jordan, however, disagrees.

“They aren’t really (at a disadvantage),” Jordan said regarding Michigan. “I’m looking to go away. I’m not necessarily trying get so far as to where I won’t see family or anything, but if that’s what I need to become the person I need to be and do what I need to do, then I really don’t have a problem with it. Distance won’t be a factor for me. Mainly I’m just looking for a place where I’ll be able to fit in and grow into a man.”

Determining which program is best suited to fulfill that need will likely be a process that concludes later in the year… after he has a chance to go on a few official visits.

“I’m going to wait most likely until the end of the football season,” responded Jordan when asked about his decision timetable. “I’m going to go on some visits. I really don’t know about going to any camps or anything because I have a lot of schoolwork and things to do over the summer. Then there’s football (practice with my high school).”

“I’m going to take some official visits in the fall,” continued Jordan. “Of course Michigan will be one of them. Michigan will definitely be one of them. I have to figure out whether I take all of my official visits or not.”

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