Michigan Keeps it Real with Green

The state of Michigan's top basketball player made his way to Ann Arbor yesterday to meet with John Beilein and his staff. Saginaw's Draymond Green spent time on campus getting to know more about the coaches, players, and style of play…and he came away extremely impressed.

The Michigan coaching staff received a visit yesterday that it had been working to set up for quite some time. Saginaw high combo-forward Draymond Green made his way to Ann Arbor with his mom and his high school coach, Lou Dawkins. Michigan assistant Mike Jackson has been recruiting Draymond since early last year, so having finally getting a visit from the fast rising prospect is a testament to his hard work and the early impression made by new headman John Beilein.

“Coach Beilein and Coach Jack wanted me to come down so I did,” Green said matter-of-factly. “We made it up there between 11:15 and 11:30, and I had a chance to meet with the staff. I met with Coach Beilein, Coach Jackson, Coach Mahoney and Coach Dunn. It was a real nice visit. My mom really loved everything about Michigan. I had a chance to tour the campus. I thought that the campus would be more spread out with the number of people that attend there, but it is a little closer together. The campus is nice”.

Green was also impressed by Michigan’s scholastic offerings. The kind of education he will receive will be very important component in his decision making process. That is why he played close attention when he sat down for a chat with academic adviser Sue Shand.

“She talked to me about her role at Michigan and how she wants the players to do more then just be eligible,” he said. “She said that we should be thinking more about getting our degree.”

At this point Green has offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Minnesota, and Kentucky. Other programs are professing their interest, and more offers will undoubtedly follow. Green, however, is far more concerned with the programs that have already made their interest official by extending scholarships. As he analyzes those programs, he will be looking at style of play, how the coaches present their programs, and the players that he’ll be playing. Michigan apparently scored highly in all of those categories on the visit.

“Coach (Beilein) told me I would play the small forward or power forward position,” Green recalled. “I like the way they presented everything to me on how I would fit into the offense. He explained to me how I can come in and help right away to rebuild the program. I really liked that he showed me film and broke it down to actually show me what I would be doing. It means a lot to know what style I would be playing at Michigan.”

Another recruiting tool that was used on the visit was Deshawn "Petey" Sims. The sophomore-to-be had a meaningful conversation with his prospective teammate.

“Petey came in and talked to me and he told me he likes the way I play,” said Green. “Petey also kept it real with me. He was on the verge transferring, but with the way Coach Beilein talked with him and showed him some love, he decided to stay. He said Coach Beilein never once asked him to stay, but that he is glad he did. He also said I should go where I know the guys and that they will take care of me. I really respected what he had to say. He was not trying to pressure me. He was just being real about the situation. That is what I really like… when people are real."

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