Perry Keeping an Open Mind

Detroit Mackenzie defensive end Nicholas Perry has long been a significant target for the Michigan Wolverines, but now other programs have jumped more prominently into the fray… and the Motor City prospect is interested.

The Michigan Wolverines have changed their recruiting strategy in their attempt to lure the Detroit Mackenzie standout Nicholas Perry to Ann Arbor. They previously coveted the Motor City athlete for his potential at defensive end AND linebacker. Now they’ve made it clear that they want him to line up in the manner in which he is most accustomed…on the line of scrimmage with his hand down.”

“Michigan just came up to my school to talk to my coach,” Perry said. “It was (Michigan defensive line coach) Coach Stripling. My coach told me that he was saying to keep in touch with him from now on.”

Michigan’s Detroit recruiter Erik Campbell is slated to drop in on Perry in the coming days as well, clearly signifying Perry’s status as a major target. That said, a number of other schools have stepped up the recruiting intensity as well.

Michigan State has been recruiting me hard too, “he said. “West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Toledo, Wisconsin have offered me too.”

The instate schools have benefited from their proximity to Perry’s home by getting him on campus as much as possible over the past few months. That has allowed him to become more familiar with those programs. While that appears to be a distinct advantage for those two schools, Perry insists he will give the out-state programs get equal time.

“I’m most likely going to wait to make my decision,” Perry said. “There’s really nothing that would make me not wait. I want to get out. I’ve only been to Michigan and Michigan State. I want to go on some visits before I make my decision. I don’t have a favorite right now. I don’t have a top list either. I really like all of the schools. I’ll be looking at playing time, the environment, and how well I connect with the coaches.”

With his recruitment not set to conclude for a number of months, Perry is far more concerned with getting prepared for his next high school season. With Mackenzie high set to close as part of the budget-cutting moves by the Detroit Public school system, Perry (and a number of other youngsters) will have to find a new home. He already has a good idea where that will be and has already begun preparing for what he hopes will be his best prep season yet.

“Most likely I’m going to go with my coach over to (Detroit) King,” he said. “I’m just focused on working out. I weigh about 225-lbs. I’m really not gaining weight right now, I’m just trying to get stronger get stronger and faster. My weight will take care of itself.”

Before he officially hits the field to practice with his new team, he first plans to hit a few college campuses during the summer for a little technique work.

“I’m going to the Michigan and Michigan State (summer) camps for sure,” he said. “I’m still debating which ones I’m going to go to out of state.”

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