Green's Mom on UM: "It's the Bomb!"

GoBlueWolverine had a chance to have a few extended chats with the mother of Saginaw (MI) High standout Draymond Green this past weekend. During those conversations she recapped last week's trip to Ann Arbor… a visit that clearly left an indelible mark on her and her son's recruitment. In these interview excerpts she indicates just how impressive the Maize & Blue's presentation was. (Part 1 of 2).

For those that missed last week's interview with Draymond Green, click here.

Take the fans through last weeks visit. How did it go in your eyes?

“Well when we first got there it was raining hard, but they were out there waiting for us by the entrance to the stadium. Then they took us around the campus. Everywhere we went they had somebody there. They took us to the academic center to meet with an academic advisor. She went over the grades and everything. Then Coach Beilein had a conference call and he left us for a minute. I guess he said he didn’t want to do the conference call because he wanted to be with his guy, so he put that on freeze and scheduled that for later. He just couldn’t do the call because he wanted to be where we were at.”

“We went all over. Everywhere we went what surprised me most was that somebody did some homework. Most people call me Ms. Green, and that’s not my name. But at Michigan they all called me Ms. Babers. It was surprising.”

“So then we went around the academic center and I was really impressed. I had seen one similar to it at Kentucky and I was really impressed with that. It was really nice. Everywhere we went was nice. Even the lady that did the tour was nice.”

We met some of the players on the team and they were all real pleasant. They took Day-Day downstairs and we all stayed upstairs and just had a little conversation. We just went over who people were, what they liked about Day-Day, and other different little things.”

“I was truly impressed.”

So what stood out on this visit compared to others you’ve been on?

"What stood out most was just the personal attention. It wasn’t based on a lie. The man (i.e. Coach Beilein) is outstanding. I don’t know what he’ll do on the basketball court, but everything that they did was so… it was the bomb! We were all impressed. My first time there I wasn’t impressed. I let them know that because I wasn’t going to go back. But then I was like, ‘I’m not going to hold it against them.’ I’m going to go ahead and see what they’re about…and it was all right! We met (associate athletic director) Greg Harden. Oh my god! I thought it was Def Comedy Jam (laughing)! He was outstanding. The school is just the bomb. Hell, I can’t say much more about it because I’ve been talking about it since I left. It was just the presentation. Everything they did from beginning to end was top of the line. It seemed like they pulled out the red carpet. They really made Day-Day feel important. They just pulled it out. They really did.

"I had an argument about that before with a couple of other people, and I’m not going to name any names. I had it out with them because when you invite people to your home, you’re supposed to be hospitable, or we can go. That’s my theory on it. I can just leave because I don’t have to be here… I’m not going back to school. But Day-Day enjoyed it. We all did. We had a good time. We’ve been talking about it since we left… just how they went above and beyond. They cleared out their entire day with almost no interruptions. They didn’t even answer the phone. From top to bottom, it was top of the line.”

“I told them that I thought when I met them I was going to meet a bunch of bougy (i.e. elitist), nose stuck up in the air folks… and they actually weren’t like that. They were so nice and so personable. When I tell everybody about it they say, ‘well, that’s their job.’ I say, ‘no, there’s a feeling in your heart that you get when you know somebody is not fake with you and that’s feeling we got.’ They made us feel so good. There was not one person that we met didn’t make us feel good. Even the people that weren’t a part of the tour came out to congratulate the coach and tell Day-Day that they would like him there. They did a good a job. He was so bubbly the whole time. He didn’t take over. He let you talk. He made you feel like it was about you and not about him. Then at the end, Petey (aka Deshawn Sims) came in and talked to Day-Day and made him feel more comfortable. This is something he wanted to do…to see Day-Day himself. That meant a lot.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two where Ms. Babers talks about how other schools stack up to Michigan and where they go from here.

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