Michigan Checks in on Hooey

Hillsdale (MI) High School's gym class got a surprise visitor last week when a certain Michigan staffer came by to watch Sean Hooey during in-class agility testing. Did the 6-8, 245-pounder receive an offer?

It seemed like just any normal day of gym class for Hillsdale TE/OT Sean Hooey. But this day was a little different, because he wasn’t just under the watchful eye of his high school coaches or teachers, the maize & blue was also on hand to catch of glimpse of this highly touted prospect.

”Coach DeBord came to watch me during gym class,” he reported. “He watched what we normally do. We warm up and stuff, then we have S.A.Q. (Speed, Agility, Quickness) and we were doing mat hops that day. We stack those trapezoid shaped football mats and jump over those. Then we do four corner drill where you stand in one corner and there are cones in each corner numbered one through four. They’d call three numbers in a row and you run to one, come back, run to the next, and so on. My coach told me that (Coach DeBord) was impressed with the way I moved since I was so big and my agility for my size.”

There are many coaches in the Midwest that see Hooey as an offensive tackle in college and several them have already compared him to another former tight end turned tackle, Central Michigan’s recent 1st Round pick Joe Staley. The versatile youngster has been in contact with his prospective coach recently and DeBord urged Hooey to come to camp so he can show the rest of the Michigan staff what he has already seen.

”He said they only need one day out of me and they said not to come on Sunday because they don’t go for as long, so I’ll be coming Tuesday,” said Hooey. “He said to remind him to have me long snap for the rest of the staff.”

Hooey, who recently received a Purdue offer, had a sister attend Michigan and is hoping that he will be this year’s “camp star” and receive an offer from the Maize & Blue. With the Wolverines’ long-standing history of offering campers, that certainly is possible. Then the biggest question he’d face would be is he an offensive tackle or a tight end?

”At this point, I don’t really know,” he said. “All I know is that they’re going to work me out when I go to camp.”

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