Green's Mom on UM: "They Raised the Bar"

GoBlueWolverine had a chance to have a few extended chats with the mother of Saginaw High standout Draymond Green this past weekend. In the second of our series of interview excerpts, she makes it clear that other schools have a lot to live up to. (Part 2 of 2).

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Sounds like Michigan will be tough to beat… at least in your eyes.

“I was telling Day-Day, what ever happens next, the bar has been raised. Where ever we go next they’ll have some pretty big shoes to fill because Michigan laid it out. I can’t say it enough. I’ve texted them to let them know. They are top of the line. When (Beilein) did his presentation on how he coaches, even I could understand it (laughing). I was like, ‘ok, I see where you’re going with this.’ We were all impressed. We were smiling the whole time. Everybody was smiling…and it’s hard to make me smile because I always think a lot of this (recruiting) is a bunch of BS. But the man really had my mouth open…Day-Day’s open…we were all standing at attention. I was just impressed… really impressed. Everything about Michigan had me impressed.”

“The thing with Coach Beilein is when he came in he went right to Akron (to the King James Shooting Stars Classic) to see Day Day. Two days after he got the job he came to Saginaw. He has done everything to lay out the red carpet for this kid. I really like it.”

When you’re looking at schools for your son, are there specific things that you’re looking to hear them touch on when they talk to you?

“Of course academics, but it’s Michigan, so the academics are top of the line. What I really look for most is I really want to hear somebody say that if it’s the middle of the night and Day-Day has had a bad day and I can’t get there, he can call somebody and they’ll talk to him. I just want that extension of somebody being there for him. I know he’s about to become a man and I want men around him who project that image of how a man should be so they can transfer it over to Day-Day. These people just made me feel like that, especially Mike Jackson. He really makes you feel like, ‘hey, I’m here for him. If he needs to talk we can talk.’ The players were saying the same thing… if he needs us we’re here for him.”

“One of the best things was (the visit) wasn’t always about basketball. First was the grades, then it was about family (they’re all a close-knit little family), then they focused on basketball…almost like basketball wasn’t even the issue. It was about getting this kid out in the world and preparing him to be a man. That’s what impressed me most because I was waiting for them to say that.”

Where are you guys going to go next?

"We don’t know because Coach Dawkins actually sets that part up for us. Him and Day-Day agree on places and then they call me. But I want to see Boston College because those guys were cool too. Plus they have Josh Southern (Green’s high school teammate). We’ll see. I’ll let you know."

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