Q&A with Kurt Mangum

Former Orchard Lake (MI) St Mary's prospect Kurt Mangum has had an eventful spring on the camp and combine circuit. After a move to Arizona forced to the d-line at his new school last fall, he has been working out in his more familiar LB post during the offseason and has turned the heads of a number of major programs in the process.

How do you think the camps and combines have gone for you thus far?

"Camp wise, I think I've done well.  I had a real strong day at the Southern Cal Scout camp.  I got linebacker MVP and runner up for defensive MVP. It was only six days between that at the Purdue Nike Camp, so a brother is tired (laughing). But I've just been working and hitting it hard.  I made top five linebackers (at Purdue).  I'm just working hard from coast to coast."

"There were some big name LBs at the Southern Cal Scout Camp.   Maurice Simmons who committed USC and a kid that committed to UCLA were both in my group.  A lot of schools were saying, 'man, you outdid them at the camp and won MVP, but they have more offers?!'    The thing with me is in my junior year when I moved to Arizona, they switched my position to defensive end because I came late and they already had their setup from seven-on seven and spring ball.  I wasn't real up on things since I had just moved.  That's why I had to play d-line.  Everyone is just waiting to see my first game at linebacker now.  Some are getting pretty excited from seeing me in person at camp.  I'll be playing in the middle on the outside, and at fullback."

What's you height, your weight, and your forty time?

"I'm 6-0 and some change, I'm 225, and (at the Southern Cal Scout Camp) I ran a 4.59."

What schools are you hearing from the most right now?

"UCLA, Colorado, Purdue, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona State, and Stanford.  Stanford is up in front.  They came to my school (a few weeks ago)."

Have any of those schools offered scholarships yet?

"Not yet.  Everybody is waiting to see a little bit more of me at linebacker.  The first time coaches were really able to see me at linebacker was at the Purdue camp."

Have you heard anything from Michigan?

"I've heard from Michigan a little bit.  A little bit from Coach English. Michigan said they basically need to see me on film at linebacker.  Coach English said he looking forward to seeing me at LB the first game of the season.  They said they want me to come to camp. My God-brother is Covaughn Deboskie.  Michigan offered him.  He has offers from everybody except for SC." 

Are you going to camp anywhere this summer?

"I'm going to hit a couple of camps in the Midwest.  Maybe Purdue.  Maybe Michigan.  I was at the Ohio State senior elite camp last year.  I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to be going because I have spring ball too.  My coach doesn't want me missing that."

Do you have a decision timetable?

"It's hard to say. It depends on which offers come in.  I definitely want to go and see more schools, so my decision may come a little bit later.  But I still am interested in possibly graduating early if I have the grades, so I'm interested in making a decision early if possible.  We'll have to see how things work out with that."

Will distance from your new home in Arizona be a factor in your choice?

"A little but not a lot.  It's a factor because it has given me a new perspective on where I want to play ball.  When I lived in Michigan it was Big Ten and Big Ten only.  Nowhere else was an option.  You don't even think about anywhere else.  Now that I'm here I'm open to the Pac 10, the Big Ten…everywhere.  I'm not as biased now.  I've gotten a taste of both worlds."

So what are some of the things that will be factors?

"The most significant will be whatever the best fit is.  My parents live in Arizona now, but they want me in the best situation possible.  The biggest things will probably be the coaching staff, academics, and the atmosphere of the school.  Where it is really doesn't matter as much."

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