Hunter Stalking Wolverines

Georgia defensive tackle Omar Hunter has had all the big programs offering and pursuing him -- from Michigan to Florida to USC -- and he is coming down to one final unofficial visit and an impending decision. Here is the latest.

Six-foot-one, 300-pound nose tackle Omar Hunter spent much of his childhood growing up in New Jersey and he's going to high school just outside Atlanta, in Buford Georgia. He had a great junior season, making 85 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and 6 sacks. Consequently, he's had scholarship offers from all over the country. Fortunately for Michigan, the Wolverines are in a strong position for him. Here is what he told GoBlueWolverine last night.

You're visiting Michigan next week?

"Yes sir, I am. I'm going to Ann Arbor on Wednesday, and I'll stay until Friday. I've never been to Ann Arbor before, and I'm looking forward to it."

Are you going anywhere else on the trip?

"No; just to Michigan."

Where else have you been this past winter and spring?

"I've already visited LSU, Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, USC, and I was at Notre Dame two weeks ago."

GBW note: all those schools have offered Hunter, and many more as well.

What is your decision timetable?

"I've set my last visit to be Michigan, and that's it. I want to get it over with by the end of this month."

"I'll go home from Ann Arbor and should have a decision soon after."

Do you have a top 3-4-5?

"My top five is Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Florida, and Ohio State."

When we spoke to you back in the early spring you told us you grew up at Michigan fan.

"Yes I did -- I grew up a very big Michigan fan. My dad was a Michigan fan ... he's not from Michigan or anything, he's actually from New Jersey, but for some reason he's always been a big Michigan fan."

Does that make a difference; does it give Michigan an edge?

"Yes sir. It gives Michigan an edge. Definitely."

So how soon after the visit might you have your decision?

"Hopefully, that same weekend right after the trip."

How is your leg?Will you be ready for the season?

"I broke it, on the first day of spring practice. But I'm already walking around on it. I don't have crutches or a boot or anything. I'll be okay in 2 to 3 more weeks. I'll certainly be ready for the start of my fall practice."

GBW note: as we have mentioned in a TJBlog, Hunter broke a small non-weight-bearing bone.

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