2007 Final Top 100

It's time to put the Class of 2007 to rest. After wrestling nearly a year with our top spot, we've elected to go with the guy who has led most of his high school career. O.J. Mayo is the defining prospect from the Class of 2007. Michigan's Corperryale Harris finished in the top 50. Class of 2007 Final Top 100

How will the Class of 2007 be remembered? Most recruiting observers will think back on this group and conjure up images of O.J. Mayo. The young man who launched his own website (it’s now defunct) as a 7th grader and dominated the headlines and remained our choice for the top spot in the rankings.

Blair Blasts Into Top 20

Keeping Mayo at No. 1 was not a decision we arrived at easily. In fact, at times he was his own worst enemy. Frankly, from a prospect perspective, all of the guys we considered had their drawbacks. There were times when the 6 highest rated players could have staked a claim to the title.

In fact, the parity at the top of the list should make college basketball interesting (go figure) again next season. However, we don’t expect a Greg Oden or Kevin Durant type impact from anyone on this list. It’s our opinion that while the Class of 2007 certainly is an above average crop with a series of potential super stars, it simply won’t boast the immediate impact of its predecessor.

Top 100 By Position (Strongest To Weakest)

Power Forwards (23 entries) – Michael Beasley owns the top spot by a good margin. Overall, we love the depth at this position. Biggest Mover – Michael Sanchez (unranked to No. 69)

Hickson Advances Up List
Shooting Guards (20) – There’s a lot of competition among these players in the Top 100. Gordon was the easy choice for the top slot and Bayless will earn a paycheck someday as well. Biggest Mover – Bradley Wanamaker (unranked to No. 73)

Point Guards (17) – Not the deepest position by any stretch but the star power it boasts up top is legit. Rose and Mayo are bonafide big timers. Note the Florida Gators who landed No.’s 3 and 7 from the list. Biggest Mover – Malcolm Delaney (unranked to No. 83)

Small Forwards (20) – This crop and the center position are fairly even. Singler will be asked to play a huge role in Durham. There’s plenty of upside in this contingent. Biggest Mover – Justin Holiday (unranked to No. 79)

Centers (20) – The first 10 guys are really strong out of this group. Love will be an impact guy, Jordan has a huge ceiling and Hickson is strong. Our affection for DeJuan Blair has been well-documented and he’s one of the big risers on the list. Biggest Mover -- Denzel Bowles (unranked to No. 63)

While we keep a running tab of the top classes on the site, it’s tough to go final with the class rankings since there are some academic issues with key players

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