Polk is Hyped About Michigan

Brophy HS (Phoenix, AZ) RB Ray Polk was among the latest prospects to receive a Michigan offer. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the desert speedster to get the latest on his recruitment. He has the Maize & Blue very high on his list.

Ray Polk Profile

When did Michigan offer you a scholarship?

“I think it was the 22nd or the 23rd (of May) when they offered officially. They had wanted me to wait to talk to Coach Carr because he was in Australia. I was in finals week and they got some time for me and called the school. I talked to Coach Carr and he told me on the phone that he was offering me a scholarship.”

Did the offer come as a surprise to you or had they been on you heavily for quite some time?

“It wasn’t out of the Blue. We had had contact before, but everything pretty much happened in a two-month span. They came down for a couple of visits. They came to my state track meet to watch me. Then after that they offered me.”

Tell me about your season last year.

“I was supposed to play corner or free safety, and the second game of the season our first string running back got injured and was lost for the year. They stuck me in there and I really didn’t have a come-out game until the third or fourth game of the season. That was my first year (at running back) and I have a lot to work on and still have a lot to learn.”

After the season you participated in the Army All American Combine in San Antonio. How did that go for you?

“I did all right. I wasn’t very satisfied with the results. We did all of the specialty stuff with the catching and the one-on-ones the first day. We went out that next morning and did the testing on the field and I didn’t do nearly as well as I thought I could have. It was cold out and we didn’t get a chance to warm up. Actually, it was FREEZING out! It was crazy. Running the shuttle cold and running the forty cold… they’re so explosive that you just can’t do that. We didn’t even get the chance to warm up. I wasn’t satisfied. That’s the only combine I’ve done because I’ve been busy with track and everything. I’ll just have to possibly hit another combine here pretty soon. I put up some all right numbers (at the Army Combine), but I think I can do a lot better than that. I ran a 4.47, so I’m hoping to get it down to the low 4.4s and maybe even dip into the 4.3s. I ran a 3.97 in the shuttle back in Arizona with a good warm-up. In San Antonio I ran a 4.3- something, so I know I can bring that down too.”

You mentioned you compete in track. What are the events that you compete in and what are your fastest times?

“I do the hurdles and I ran a 13.79 in the 110 hurdles and a 37.38 for the 300 hurdles. The 13.79 puts me at sixth in the nation right now.”

Aside from Michigan, what offers do you have at this point?

Arizona State, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon State, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, and Nebraska.”

Will distance from home be an issue for you?

“It will affect me some, but I don’t think it will be a big part of the decision making process. I feel that wherever I go, I’ll be surrounded by a good atmosphere. I’d miss my parents, but that’s something to get used to. That’s not that big of a factor in the decision.”

What are some of the things that will factor into your choice?

“A good all-around fit for me. I think that includes a good football program, a good educational program, good coaches, and good chemistry with the team. I think good chemistry with the team is key. That’s going to affect my success at a program.”

Do you have in your mind a timeline for when you’d like to get the process over with?

“I don’t. I don’t really have a timetable. I want make sure I find out everyone that wants to look at me first, and then I’ll make the decision on what’s the best fit for me. Preferably I’d like to get into a second year playing running back under my belt. But if a program stands out to me and it’s a great fit, then I’ll commit there. I’ve just got to check it out and explore my options.”

Do you have a favorite at this point?

“I don’t, but I can tell you that Michigan is very very high up on my list. They are definitely top three and I am very very excited about the program.”

What are the other schools in your top three?

“I’m not really sure yet. It’s between a jumble of schools, but at this moment in time I can tell you that Michigan is one of the top ones. They are a program that I’m very very interested in and I’m very hyped about the offer.”

Has Michigan talked with you about when you might visit?

“Yes, this summer I hope to visit there so I can check out the facilities and see what they’re all about. They sent me a brochure for the summer camp a little while ago, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it yet.”

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