Thomas Ready to See Ann Arbor

Oak Lawn (IL) Richards DB/WR Tommie Thomas is one of Illinois' best athletes. A standout on both the hardwood and the gridiron, he was one of the state leaders in interceptions as a junior. The Wolverines were one team who took notice and Thomas is set to camp in Ann Arbor in the coming weeks.

Ball-hawk is a good word to start at when describing Tommie Thomas. The Oak Lawn (IL) Richards free safety picked off 10 passes as a junior. That said, “ball-hawk” might do him a disservice since it makes Thomas sound like just a coverage safety. That certainly isn’t the case, as he also had 75 tackles a year ago. So maybe “complete all-around safety” should be his label. But that doesn’t take into account his talents on offense (as evidenced by his seven touchdowns as a wideout. So how about we just call him a flat out football player.

”I’m being recruited as a wide receiver too,” he said. “But I’m being recruited more as a defensive back.

Big time colleges aren’t feeling the need to classify this talented player or bind him to one position just yet. All they know is that they want him on their team.

”I have offers from Kansas State, Purdue, Indiana, Ball State, Cincinnati, Colorado, Illinois,” Thomas reported. “I’m also hearing from Michigan State, North Carolina, I’ve been talking to USC and also Michigan, Ohio State and Iowa.”

Thomas is looking to camp at some of those schools that haven’t offered to show them he is worthy of a scholarship. Even though he has already been to Ann Arbor once this year (for junior day), he is planning to once again make a stop in Michigan.

”The one camp I know I’m going to for sure is Michigan,” he said. ”Then Iowa, Illinois and maybe Michigan State.”

Richards High and Thomas were one of the stops the Wolverine coaches made this past spring, but the day didn’t go quite as planned for either party.

”Yeah (Michigan) stopped by but I was taking my finals at the time, so I wasn’t able to see them,” said Thomas. “I’ve just been getting letters from them.”

Once he is able to go to the camps and see the campuses, Thomas will be able to make more of an informed decision on where he will play his college ball.

”I want to commit by the end of summer, or the beginning of fall,” he said. “Basically, I want to do it before the season starts.”

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