FRI NITE LATEST: Top Recruits In This Weekend

*FRI NIGHT LATEST* Three top-top recruits are in town -- Hunter flying back home Fri. night ... Witherspoon in town Friday and FItzgerald getting into town Fri night. Next week the watch continues with two more! It may be the beginning of the summer-football-lull, but recruiting couldn't be hotter! Here is the latest -- and stay tuned throughout the weekend.

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TJBlog: *Fri. NIGHT* latest: Hunter, Witherswpoon, Fitzgerald.

TJBlog: Fri. Evening latest.

TJBlog: Fri. Noon latest.

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The Upcoming Visits:

Week of May 29

-- *reconfirmed* Ga. DT Omar Hunter: May 31 (Thu.)-June 1.
-- *reconfirmed* N.J. LB Marcus Witherspoon: (Fri.) June 1-3
-- *reconfirmed* N.J. LB J.B. Fitzgerald: (Fri.) June 1-3
-- *reconfirmed* Troy Woolfolk: (Sat.) June 2-12

Early June, pre-Camp

-- *reconfirmed* Tex. WR Daryl Stonum: June 8-11
-- *reconfirmed* Tex. RB Sam McGuffie: June 9+
-- *reconfirmed* Tex LB Brandon Herron: June 11-Jul 1

Camp or camp-week visit (either way most likely for 1 day)

-- *reconfirmed* Pa. H-Back/LB Christian Wilson: two days
-- *reconfirmed* Ore. DE Ethan Johnson
-- *reconfirmed* Missou. TE Spencer Ladner
-- *reconfirmed* Ohio TE/DE Kevin Koger
-- *reconfirmed* Ore. OL Matt Lipski: whole week
-- *reconfirmed* Instate DE Tyler Hoover
-- *NEW* Pa. OT R.J. Dill. Sunday-Tuesday
-- *NEW* Ill. DB Tommy Thomas
-- *NEW* Instate RB Jonas Gray
-- Det. DE Nicholas Perry
-- Det. WR Fred Smith
-- Det. DT Mike Martin
-- Ohio LB Brandon Beachum
-- Ohio WR D.J. Woods

-- *NEW* NOT ATTENDING CAMP. Butler N.C. DB Spencer Adams. He'll be at a national HS track meet ... still not having either he or his teammate Robert Blanton (he'll be at ND instead) attend is a bit of a shock.

-- Possible camper: Ariz. RB Covaughn Deboskie.

June: camp or post-camp

-- *reconfirmed* Ill. OL Graham Pocic. He'd said he'd come during camp week.
-- *reconfirmed* N.J. S Brandon Smith. He may come during camp week, but most likely later.
-- *reconfirmed* Col. LB Jon Major ... not set if early or late

-- *NEW* D.C Ath Josh Haden

Later in the Summer

*NEW* -- *reconfirmed* La. TE Tyler Edwards
-- *reconfirmed* Ill. DL Garrett Goebel.


Official Visits:

-- Sept. 22: Los Angeles DB's Rahim Moore and E.J. Woods, both UCLA 'soft commits'.


*NOTE* don't be concerned about the yet-unreconfirmed ones ... we're just working on it, work in progress.

There will still be many others of course, and we'll keep updating.

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