Carr's Wash for Kids a Success

While the seats inside Michigan Stadium won't be filled for another three months, the gates saw plenty of action on Saturday afternoon. The fourth annual Carr's Wash for Kids at Michigan Stadium on Saturday saw the Michigan football team raise over $175,000 and was over 500 cars in a fund raiser to help establish both revenue and awareness for the new C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital.

It's been four years now, and Carr's Wash for Kids has hit the ground running. To raise both money and awareness for the financial drive to build a new children and women's hospital on campus, the U-M football team held its fourth annual Carr's Wash for Kids on Saturday afternoon at Michigan Stadium.

With many of the Wolverines top stars in attendance, over $175,000 was raised towards the new C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital.

"This is my third year at Carr's Wash for Kids," said U-M tailback Mike Hart. "It's a great cause. It's an eye-opening experience. When you see the children able to keep the upbeat attitude that they have with the situations they're in, it really changes your perspective on things. Your own problems are so small compared to what's going on with their lives. You really learn not to take anything for granted."

Combined with the WTKA Michigan Football Takeover conducted earlier in the week, the number of dollars raised by the U-M football program for the new hospital has now reached over $300,000 on the year, a number that's growing by the year.

"Mott has never had a major fund raising development," said Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr on the matter. "We had been talking about a car wash for our players to earn some money and that led me to mention this idea to the players and coaches. Everyone felt from the beginning that it was an opportunity to make a difference. It's a win-win-win situation."

Along with running back Mike Hart, the majority of the Wolverines football team, and the entire coaching staff, were in attendance to wash just over 500 cars over the course of the day.

"For these guys to come out here with the type of the enthusiasm they have is pretty special considering they're giving up the middle the day on a Saturday afternoon," said Ron English. "I think they understand what it's for and I think it's become important to them. We had an experience with a young man that came over last week and it was certainly a humbling experience. It really affected the team in a positive way and helps to understand the importance of life."

To donate to C.S. Mott's Children's Hospital, click here.

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