Q & A With Kenny Demens

Detroit Country Day FB/LB Kenny Demens has seen his recruitment emerge from the shadow of good friend and teammate Jonas Gray lately, as evidenced by the handful of Midwest programs that have stepped for with scholarship offers. Demens chats with GoBlueWolverine to discuss where his recruitment now stands after an impressive Nike camp showing on May, his list of favorites, his timetable, and more.

What are your height, weight, and forty time?

“I’m 6-1, 225, I run a 4.6, and I run a 4.08 shuttle.”

What positions do you play on your high school team?

“I play both ways. I play linebacker and fullback.”

How did your season go last year?

“Last year I ended up with 97 tackles, 15 for loss, with six sacks, and two interceptions.”

You had a pretty good showing at the Purdue Nike camp last month. Did you notice more schools showing interest in you after that?

“Yes I did. When I got back home, that’s when Coach Moeller from Michigan text me. He asked how I was and then he asked if I would be going to camp. That’s basically it. But things have started to pick up. I’m going to go (Michigan’s) camp on the 19th, but I may go for the 20th also.”

What schools have offered you thus far?

Michigan State, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Nebraska…I just got one in from Boston CollegeMinnesota, Wisconsin, and I think that’s it.”

What schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest at this point?

“I would say Michigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota.”

Where would you say Michigan fits on your list at this point?

“Michigan didn’t say anything about where I fit on their list. The only thing that me and coach Moeller talked about was the Michigan camp. At this point I can say that my top choices would be Michigan State, Iowa, and Nebraska. I’m really comfortable with those schools. If a came through with an offer it would be tough, but then again I’d have to see how their staff is. I know that I really like Ron English. I had a chance speak with him and see him coach when I went to a couple of spring practices.”

Are any schools looking at you at fullback?

“No. Linebacker is my passion. I like to be physical, and I’m not saying that fullback isn’t physical…but I just don’t know about playing fullback (in college). Ever since I was seven years old I’ve been playing linebacker. That’s what I love. I’d see what was going on in the program first, but ultimately I’d ask them if I could play linebacker.”

What are your plans for the summer?

“I’m not sure where I’m going to go beside the Michigan camp. Right now I think I'm going to focus on my (high school) team and try to get that chemistry going. I’m not sure. I know I’ll probably visit a few colleges like Iowa and Wisconsin.”

Are you trying to have your decision made before your season starts?

“You know what, that’s a tough question. My first intention was to make one toward the end of the season so everyone could get a good look at Kenny Demens and see how I play. I’m a better player now…a more developed player. I want everybody to see that. Then again, I was thinking that maybe I should commit before the season so I can put everything I have into the team. I wouldn’t have any stress on me if I got it out of the way. I’d be stress free. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do with that.”

What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

“I already know that wherever I go that I’m going to get a good education. Other than it will be how comfortable I am with the program and the players. The main thing is my relationship with the coaches.”

Do you and your teammate Jonas Gray ever discuss going to the same school?

“Yeah, absolutely. That’s my best friend right there. He is like a brother to me. Our relationship is so close and that is probably why we’re so good. In the huddle I tell him, ‘I’m going to give you my all. I want you to run off of me. I’m not going to let you down.’ Every college that has offered me has offered him, so we have a lot of options. “

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