Carr's Wash for Kids: Photo Gallery I

The Michigan football team held its fourth annual Carr's Wash for Kids at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday afternoon. GoBlueWolverine Magazine was in attendance for the event. Included in the pictures are Lloyd Carr, Ryan Mallett, Greg Mathews, Brandon Minor and many more members of the Michigan football team. In all, the team raised over $175,000 at the event.

Car Wash

Coach Carr

Coach Carr Interviewed

Coach Jackson

Chris Graham

Quintin Patilla, David Moosman and John Ferrara

Greg Mathews and Brandon Minor

Justin Schifano and Andre Criswell

Lending a little hand

Zoltan Mesko and Troy Woolfolk

Ryan Mallett

Mallett being interviewed

Lateryall Savoy

Chris Singletary and Quintin Patilla

Marques Slocum

Will Johnson

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