Gray Has Something to Prove

Recruiting has slowed down in recent weeks for Detroit Country Day tailback, Jonas Gray. However, things appear poised to pick back up as he ventures out to a number of campuses to participate in summer camps. The first leg of the tour is a stop in Ann Arbor, where Gray plans to turn in a head-turning performance.

All has been quiet on the recruiting front as of late for Detroit Country Day standout Jonas Gray. Now that the evaluation period has come to a close, the powerful runner hasn’t been talking to coaches quite as much. However, many of them did check in while they still could to make sure he would be visiting their campuses in the coming months, and the University of Michigan was among them.

“Coach Moeller texted me this month to make sure that I was coming to camp, but that’s the only time I’ve talked to (Michigan),” said Gray. "I’ll be there the 19th and the 20th with Kenny Demens.”

As teammtates on Country Day’s football team, Gray and Demens have forged a tight bond. That has helped them become a powerful duo in the Yellowjacket backfield. Demens made it clear in an earlier interview with GoBlueWolverine that he and his good friend would like to play college ball together. When Gray was asked about the possibility he confirmed that it is receiving strong consideration.

“We definitely want to do it, but I don’t know how big of a factor that’s going to be,” said Gray. “I’ll have a better idea once we both narrow our lists down to five. If our fives are pretty identical then we’ll probably make our decisions together. I like Nebraska and Louisville a lot, and Minnesota is on me the hardest. Nebraska and Minnesota have offered both of us, but Louisville hasn’t offered Kenny. We’ll just have to see how things go, but we are definitely hoping that we can go to the same school.”

Both youngsters are hoping to stir the recruiting drum a bit when they hit the camp circuit in the coming months. The first stop will be in Ann Arbor, where Gray feels he has something to prove.

“My objective in going is to open some more eyes,” he said. “I want to let everybody know what type of player I am, and how good of a player I am.”

Much of Gray’s success will depend on how he is doing physically. After suffering through various leg ailments in late April and early May he says he is feeling pretty good again.

“My hamstrings and my quads were really tight,” Gray said explaining his injuries. “They’re not sprained, strained, or pulled… they were just really tight because I didn’t rest between football, basketball, and track. I competed in the state championship meet in track last week and I did well. I took third in the 100m dash. I ran an 11.08. I’m still doing stuff to rehab, but by the Michigan camp I should be 100%. Right now I think I’m about 97%.”

After spending a couple of days in Ann Arbor, Gray will make his way to a number of other Midwest campuses.

“I’m going to try to camp at Ohio State and most likely Penn State,” he said. “Plus I’m going to go visit Minnesota and Louisville. I’m going to visit Michigan State a bunch of times, but I don’t think I’m going to camp there. I think I may go there and the 22nd… maybe.”

Once the summer tour is over, Gray indicated that it is possible that he will be ready to settle on a choice.

“I’m really thinking about it, but I don’t know when I’m going to make my decision,” said Gray. “I want to see how the (college) coaches feel about it. I was kind of thinking about making my decision and still taking my officials, but I don’t know how coaches would feel about it. The most important thing is going to be how my family feels about (the decision). I’ll look at how the academics are at the school and what the depth charts look like. I’ll also be looking at the players they recruit. I want to have good relationships with the players, the coaches, and I want to get to know the players that they are bringing in. All of that will play into it.”

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