Smith on Michigan: "They're on Another Level"

New Brunswick, NJ safety Brandon Smith has tried to keep an open mind throughout the recruiting process, but Michigan has been slowly chipping away at his resolve. Will the youngster's other suitors have a chance to catch the Wolverines before it's too late?

If you speak with New Brunswick NJ safety Brandon Smith for just a few moments you get the feeling that he has already figured out what college he wants to attend. The only thing precluding absolution is the patient approach he has utilized throughout his recruitiment. The Garden State star has made a conscious effort to prevent his love for his childhood favorite from clouding his judgement. The team that holds that distinction is the University of Michigan, and Smith has singled out a few schools that have the best chance of loosening that Maize & Blue grip and says there are a few schools that have the best shot at prying that Maize & Blue grip.

”Ohio State is great school overall on the field and in the classroom,” said Smith. “I will have to look closer at their depth chart.”

“I’m looking at N.C. State and there are two things stand out to me when I think of them, great academics and defense. I like their system. I would probably have to play wideout there.”

“I also like Rutgers. The school is about 20 minutes from the house. If I went there my mother, grandmother and family could come and see me play. Everyday I hear someone ask me if I am going to Rutgers. The program is on the rise and Coach Schiano has turned it around.”

“Then there is Wisconsin. They have something that no one else has and that is a friend of mine who plays linebacker for them. Johnathan Casillas and I have known each other for a while and he talks to me about recruiting from time to time. Wisconsin plays in the Big Ten and they have a tough schedule week to week. I want to play against a high level of competition in college. “

Despite his obvious and honest desire to remain open, it’s hard for Smith to conceal how much he really likes Michigan.

“It was blessing for Coach Carr to extend an offer to me," he said. "I never thought that I would get an offer from a school like Michigan. That school is on another level. “It is a great school."

Smith's feelings for Michigan are so strong that he has already had serious discussions with his family about where the Wolverines stand in his recruitment and where it will go from here.

“Michigan is firmly my leader," Smith said. "After talking with my mom, she really likes Michigan too. She likes Coach Steve Szabo a lot. He is straight to the point and he answered all of her questions with no hesitation. Coach Szabo really stood out with my mom."

One of the aspects that stuck out the most with Michigan was the school’s reputation not only for strong athletics, but strong academics as well. “Michigan is a big time academic college," Smith said. "If I don’t make into the NFL I will have a very good education from Michigan. Everything about Michigan is good."

“Michigan is a heavy favorite," he continued Smith. "Coach Szabo was real honest with me. He didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear."

Now all that is left for Wolverines is to wait and see if Smith will tell them what they want to hear.

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