Wednesday Afternoon Trieu Camp Notes

The talent is still trickling into Ann Arbor as camp begins to wind down. Today's one day campers included Fred Smith and Kevin Koger. Here are some notes on how they did.

Anthony Hollis/Dion Sims were no-shows today, Sims is at a camp with Orchard Lake...Hollis I don't know.

Fred Smith is here and participated in 7-7s briefly and fully in 1-1s. As with other times I've seen him, he is an excellent route runner. He really a lot of shake for a big guy.

Sam Gaymon was very impressive out there. He is a tough kid, competitive kid who fights for the ball and more explosive than I thought he'd be. He battled a hamstring and a bad back all day, but still did well.

James Jackson...this junior from Grand Ledge (MI) is SO fast and explosive. My goodness can this kid run and changes directions in a blink of an eye too. He isn't super natural catching the ball just yet. I see him as a cornerback, but he only worked at WR today.

Reid Fragel, the big junior TE (6'7, 235) from Grosse Pointe South ran nice routes and caught the ball.

Kevin Koger - Really fast for a guy that big, seems to have good hands.

The QBs...Kay was good deep, not as good underneath. Has a strong arm, but tends to sail them a bit trying to throw them as hard as he possibly can. Wienke is my favorite QB here by far, but he struggled more today than yesterday. Najvar was the best one out there today, Wienke has been the best overall.

Cass Tech junior RB Teric Jones is faaaast and can catch the ball. Watch out for him this fall. OT William Campbell is here, he's solid, but I haven't seen much of him yet.

CJ Barnett - him and Fred Smith are a good matchup. Barnett wasn't afraid to get physical with the bigger Smith and I like that.

Marvin Robinson from Lake Region, FL looks like a college player already and he's only 14. He's built like and plays like Eugene Clifford. That's my comparison for right now.

Ann Arbor Huron WR Daryl Gooden again made a lot of plays today. He just isn't super fast or explosive, but he's one of the best WRs here in terms of fundamentals.

DE Glenn Foster from Chicago Mt. Carmel was a beast at 6'4, 235 and ran a 4.63. He's very impressive and a possible offer candidate.

Other impressive 40 times...Ann Arbor Pioneer WR James Wade ran in the 4.4s, Dior Mathis, a sophomore CB from Cass Tech ran 4.41.

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