Super Sophomore Grabs a UM Offer

Summer camp wrapped up in Ann Arbor today and the beneficiaries of the camp and recipients of offers were not just rising seniors. In fact, one of the best players during the week was a sophomore who earned his first offer.

Lake Region High School has been in existance for less than a decade. In a state regarded as one of the best in America for football, the school has yet to make its mark. That could change soon with a talented group of underclassmen.

This week, coach Chris Ash brought his crew up to Ann Arbor for the annual Wolverine Technique School camp. One of his standouts, safety Marvin Robinson was offered a scholarship after this week's performance.

"I talked to Coach Carr," Robinson said, "he said I had a great chance to play here and he offered me a full ride. He said they've never really offered anyone in my grade before"

Robinson is still only 14 years of age, but is already 6'2, 185-lbs. He recorded a 4.5 forty earlier in the week and his coach knows the Wolverines have targeted an excellent player and an even better person.

"He comes from a good family," Ash said, "they have their own church and really, the only time he goes out was at the combine in Houston and here. He's a good student too, right now he's at a 2.75. He's a very shy, subtle kid but he's over the top excited about [the offer].

While he is a soft spoken, understated individual, Robinson is a completely different person on the field. Teammates, opponents and coaches have marveled at his powerful tackling.

"Marvin's a big hitter," Ash said, "he plays mean and once he gets a bead on the ball carrier, it's a straight line to him. He has great instincts too and you can't throw it up on him because he has a 37-inch vertical."

While Michigan has targeted the talented youngster as a safety, he has versatility and athletic ability that can be used on both sides of the ball.

"He can play either side of the ball. In our spring scrimmage he had 12 carries for 168 yards and a TD." Ash also said that with talented halfback Aaron Williams (also at camp this week) on board, he will have a new spot for his young star, "we'll play him at receiver this year, he's built more like a receiver."

As for his future plans, it is still early, but what Robinson and Ash know is that this wasn't the last time they'll make the 18 hour drive to Ann Arbor.

"I'm coming back for the Penn State game," Robinson said, "I'll come back to camp, I learned a lot of new stuff and I like the coaches. Coach Carr said to come back and he'll show me around campus."

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