Winston Continues to Turn Heads

Summer camp is bound to produce a new name or two that rises to the top. Last year James Rogers was a great example, virtually coming out of nowhere to impress his way to scholarship offer. It has taken similar performances from Detroit Denby standout Glenn Winston over the past few weeks for his name to surface, but it is safe to say he is not an unknown anymore.

Not many people outside of Detroit had heard of Glenn Winston. In fact, many of the other campers at the Wolverine Technique School this past week were asking each other who the “big ripped kid” was that was running in the smokehouse races. Within the city though, the 6’1, 215-pounder had already built a reputation as one of Motown’s best backs.

”He’s a good runner,” said fellow Motor City standout Darrin Williams. “He’s more of a north and south guy, but he’ll run right over you.”

After turning heads at the recent ThinkPAL Detroit combine, Winston headed over to Ann Arbor for a day to try to duplicate his sterling performance. After finishing a half step out of first in the smokehouse race and looking good in drills, it is becoming evident that he is not a one hit wonder.

”Coach Jackson really liked him,” Winston’s running back coach Chris Morris said following camp. “He said he wants to see tape on him and if the tape is anything like he thinks its going to be, then everything will be alright.”

Winston had previously been receiving looks from Michigan State, Minnesota, Illinois, and Louisville. The Cardinals were at the top of his board coming into camp according to Morris, but the situation has changed some.

”I got invited to the Illinois camp, but I don’t think we’re going to go five hours,” Winston said of his recruitment. “I like Louisville, but I was talking about them a lot because I didn’t think Michigan would be interested.”

Winston also reported he was done with school camps, but may attend some local combines in the coming months. That will allow him to continue to make strides in two areas he’s been working on.

”I’ve been doing speed training and I’ll be doing more of that,” said Winston.

At the same time, Morris will be making sure everything else is in order. “Glenn is in summer school and he’s really been improving and working hard and retaking classes he needs,” he said. “I think he’ll be alright there.”

With the word now out on Winston’s ability and his dedication to getting things on track in the classroom, more an more people are becoming interested in the youngsters future plans… including other standouts from Detroit.

Fred Smith called last night,” Morris said. “He just wanted to know what Glenn was going to do and where was going to play college ball.”

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