The Michigan Camp: Session by Session

The Michigan Camp - the whoooole thing... Day by Day... Session by Session. Sunday PM, Monday AM, Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM ... and the wrapups.

Sunday Afternoon Session:

TJBlog: Camp: Sunday Afternoon/Evening: Ethan Johnson, Marcus Dowtin, lots lots more.

TrieuBlog: Sunday Camp Impressions: instate sleepers DL Nathaniel Williams, German RB Anton Harris.

WebBlog: more on Johnson, Dowtin

Monday Morning Session:

TrieuBlog: Monday Morning: Jr. RB's Hershey Jackson and Larry Capers, OL Commit Dann O'Neill, Deon'tae Pannell, first mention of Fla. underclassmen RB Aaron Williams and DB Marvin Robinson.

TJBlog: Monday Morning: OL commits Dann O'Neill and Elliott Mealer, Traverse CVity OL Rocko Khoury

Monday Afternoon Session:

TJBlog: Camp: Monday Afternoon: Ca. DB E.J. Woods, Super Sophs DBMarvin Robinson and instate WR Cameron Gordon, Jr. Tex. QB Jordan Najar.

TrieuBlog: Monday Afternoon: Capers and Hershey Jackson again, Calif, S E.J. Woods, Jr. Ohio DB C.J. Barnett, Tex. Jr. QB Jordan Najar.

Tuesday Morning Session:

TJBlog: Tues. Pre-Noon -- lotta WOWS: Ariz. CB Marc Anthony, RB Jonas Gray, visitors S Dan McCarthy and H-Back Christian Morgan, Ok, QB Nathan Stanley.

Trieu Lunchtime Blog: 7-7 notes, Offers (?), Commits (??): Anthony, C.J. Barnett, Ohio Jr. CB Norman Young.

Sam's Noon Camp Update: Gray, Anthony, Deon'tae Pannell, Det. Jr. OL Tevon Conrad, E.J. Woods.

Tuesday Afternoon Session:

TJBlog: Tues Nite: Marcus Dowtin, Ethan Johnson, Marc Anthony, QB John Wienke, Instate DE Tyler Hoover.

Trieu Afternoon Camp Notes: E.J. Woods, Marcus Dowtin as a RB, Det. Jr. DE Aaron McCord, DL Michael Martin.

We. Early AM TJBlog: Camp Offers, possible commits, best so far, John Weinke.

TJBlog: Tues Nite: Rocko Khoury, Marcus Dowtin, Tyler Hoover, instate RB/LB Kenny Demons, Ohioans Brandon Beachum and D.J. Woods.

Wednesday Morning Session:

Wed. noon TJBlog: 7-o-7's, 2 OL's, a RB, more: WR Fred Smith, TE Kevin Koger, QB John Weinke, Instate Junior James Jackson, WR Sam Gammons, underclass DB's Marvin Robinson and CJ Barnett, QB Branden Kay and Jordan Najar.

Wed. Afternoon Trieu Notes: James Jackson, Jr. instate TE Reid Fragel, Ill. DE Glenn Foster, instate OL William Campbell.

Wednesday Afternoon Session:

Wed. nite TJBlog: Jr QB, DL Terrors, James Jackson.: William Campbell offered, Ethan Johnson, Zach Boren.

Trieu Blog: The SMOKEHOUSE, Impending Offers (?) and more.: Ill. DE Sean Progar, Glenn Foster, RB Glenn Winston, the Smokehouse.

TJ-mini-Blog: did U-M offer a QB?

Thursday Morning - Final Session:

Thu. noon TJBlog: ... WR Michael Floyd, QB Mike Glennon, Mike Martin, Ethan Johnson, Brandon Beachum, Glenn Winston.

Post-Camp Analysis:

GBW Camp Summary: Top Seniors, Top Juniors, other notables.

Fri. AM TJBlog: answers to 8 post-camp questions

Fri. afternoon TJBlog: 10 more camp jewels

Sat. AM TJBlog: post camp WR's, OL's, QB's

Trieu's Detailed Camp Wrapup: The Offense

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