Announcement Date Set for Stonum

Sugarland, Texas receiver Darryl Stonum recently gave GoBlueWolverine the word that his announcement plans are now set in stone and he will be letting the nation know about his decision in the not too distant future.

Since the start of his recruitment, four-star wideout Darryl Stonum has made it clear that the decision on which college he will attend would come before the start of his senior season. Now with just a few months left before his final prep campaign kicks off, he informed GoBlueWolverine that the wait is now over.

“I’m about to make my decision,” Stonum said. "It’s supposed to be this Sunday. It’s going to be on the local (Channel 2) news over here."

Stonum told Monday that he has narrowed his list to three schools: Michigan Florida, and USC. When asked if he was still deliberating which school he would be attending or if he is just waiting to announce his choice, he indicated that the verdict is already in.

“I’m just waiting to announce it,” he said.

When discussing the criteria for his choice in yesterday’s article Stonum said the decision would come down to one overriding factor.

“It will basically come down to where I feel the most comfortable.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Stonum in the coming days.

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