*Sun. NITE* TJBlogs: The Latest

*Sun. NITE* TJBlog. Daryl Stonum to announce tonight - final pre-decision guess! Texas RB Sam McGuffie finishing up his 4-day visit - *final blog* on him. John Wienke -- commit #9 -- more comments. All the latest. And all visit-related TJBlogs for Saturday, Friday and Thursday linked here as well.

From the GoBlueWolverine's Premium Message Board, The Victor's Club, click for:

Sun. nite TJBlog: final McGuffie blog

Sun. nite TJBlog: final pre-Stonum announcement blog

Sun. evening TJBlog: Stonum announcement upcoming. John Wienke.

Sun. AM TJBlog: the latest .. things are building.

Sat. NITE TJBlog: the latest

Sat. AM TJBlog: the latest on Sam, John.

Fri. EVE TJBlog: the latest

Fri. noon TJBlog: the latest

Fri. late AM TJBlog: Houston, we have liftoff!

Fri. first TJBlog: early AM

Thu. eve TJBlog: Dual Visitors Tomorrow

McGuffie and a 6-6 bar!

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