Stonum Training in the Company of Pros

Now that he has officially committed to Michigan. life has gotten back to normal for Sugarland, Texas receiver Darryl Stonum That, however, doesn't mean the talented speedster is resting on his laurels. He is working hard in the company of some of the NFL's best players…including an all time Michigan great.

When Daryl Stonum stepped in front of a Houston television camera to announce his plan to attend the University of Michigan last week, he knew it wouldn't be the most popular decision among those in the immediate viewing audience.  As a matter of fact, the choice spawned ribbing from the on-air hosts…particularly the show's anchor.  He was ready was ready with all of the customary quips, including the one about how hard it would be to deal with the cold Michigan winters.  Stonum, however, took it all in stride.

"That was Ken Norton's little brother," Stonum said regarding the host.  "His brother is a recruiter for USC, so he was trying to pass his little jokes or whatever… but it was all good."

Now that his announcement is behind him, Stonum is thankful for the quiet evenings that have returned to his household.  The phone is no longer ringing off the hook and he is no longer pouring over information from numerous colleges while trying to arrive at a decision.  Now his focus is on getting ready for his final prep campaign and getting up to Michigan as soon as possible.

"I'm going to graduate in December," he said.  "I'm going to go to the ESPN All-American Game in Orlando and then I'm going to come up to Michigan."

Stonum is going to extra mile during training, working out in the company of numerous professional players.  One of them just happens to be one of Michigan's all time greats.

"I just talked to Charles Woodson today," said Stonum.  "We train at the same place. He was just shooting the ball around in the gym.  I told him I was going to Michigan and his eyes just lit up.  He was like awe man I've got to see who this kid is."

"Reggie Williams, the Jacksonville Jaguars receiver was up there today too," he continued. "A whole bunch of other guys be up there.  All of the Texas guys.  Vince Young goes up there.  We all just train up there. I'm definitely going to be ready."

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