Will Wilson & McGuffie Form Backfield Duo?

McKees Rock, PA RB/LB Christian Wilson recently chatted it up with Houston Cy Fair RB Sam McGuffie. Michigan was at the center of the conversation. Might these two highly touted youngsters line up in the same backfield?

When the offer tally for Montour PA RB/LB Christian Wilson ballooned to over 50, keeping up with all of the schools courting him officially became a tad bit daunting.  Recently, however, he narrowed his potential college destinations down to five lucky schools: Michigan, Clemson, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina.  While that certainly lessened his recruiting burden significantly, he still hasn't eliminated it totally.  Resolution will only come once he arrives at a decision.  In hopes of sticking to his previous plan of making his summer decision, he is eager to narrow his list even further sometime soon.

"I've kind of got it down," Wilson said of his list.  "Michigan is pretty high up there.  I've been talking to Sam McGuffie and all of them… Ryan Mallett and all of the people like that… and seeing what's going on.  I like the school and everything.  There's really nothing wrong with it.  Now I've just got to make sure that the kids that are going there are kids that I'm used to being around and things like that."

The conversation with McGuffie, who is also a coveted backfield target for the Wolverines, proved to be quite productive.  The possibility of playing together seemed to be intriguing to both youngsters.

"I talked to him (Monday)," Wilson recalled.  "He was just talking about some of the kids that came up (to Michigan) from Texas, how a lot of Texas kids go to Michigan, and that he knows a lot of them.  He was saying that he might go there for runningback.  I was telling him that the position that Michigan wants me for, you need a successful runningback that can get yards to keep all eyes off of you and put them on the runningback."

"He was talking about how he did in track and how fast he is and he was asking me how fast I am and about the different seasons," Wilson continued.  "It went all right actually.  To me it sounded like he was gonna… that he was pretty high on (Michigan).  My mom told me that he wanted to commit early because he doesn't like all of this recruiting business."

Wilson would like for his own recruiting process to end early if possible.  That said, there is still at least one trip on the docket before he contemplates settling in on his final choice.

"I have one more visit and that's to Florida," he said.  "It will be between July 19th and the 31st… between (AAU) Nationals."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Wilson in the coming days.


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